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Emery Board2006.03.15 - 11:10PM10: Chapter Ten: Unauthorized Usage of Library Materials May Result in Heavy FinesSigned
Yes,m saril;y Douglas Adams. I LOVE DOUGLAS ADAMS! Do you have a piece of his clothes I could pout in my shrine by any chance? *bats eyelashes*

Love the comment on the Leela route. So he finally gets that he worries them!
Love this bit; The Doctor had spent the past 24 hours being shot at, stunned, incapacitated, captured, lost, falling, running, nearly drowning, resuscitated by monsters and getting sucked into dangerous simulacra. Arguably, Rose Tyler yelling at him shouldn't have been that horrible by comparison.

It was probably the way she was standing over him with that shoe.

Author's Response: I vaguely hope that a Chesterfield sofa materializes with a towel draped across it. I shall then assume that the towel is, in fact, Adams\'s. And KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF -- anyway, appreciate the reading!

ponygirl2006.03.13 - 07:47PM10: Chapter Ten: Unauthorized Usage of Library Materials May Result in Heavy FinesSigned
Have I mentioned that I have Douglas Adams flashbacks when I read your stuff? And I ::heart:: Scary!Rose. I think Nine could really benefit from being thumped with a shoe occasionally.

Author's Response: I have a small, tasteful shrine to DNA in my closet, to which I reassert my belief in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Seriously, though, I grew up with Hitchhiker\'s and Shada and Dirk Gently, so it did affect my view of the universe. I hope I don\'t come across as derivative; it\'s hard to develop a natural writing style. If my stuff ever does seem like it\'s headed that way, I hope someone gives me a heads-up . . .Though preferably not by way of shoe. . Oh. And thanks for reading!

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