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quiddity2007.07.16 - 03:05PM5: Chapter Five: The Library Intranet Is For Patrons OnlySigned
I love reading your pieces - so funny!
Favorite line from this chapter: "Several unfortunate nightingales attempted to join the chorus and were eaten for their trouble."
The best part of waking up...

Dr_Tamwe2007.02.26 - 06:16AM5: Chapter Five: The Library Intranet Is For Patrons OnlySigned
"Hey there, handsome."
The robot regarded him dispassionately.
-That, for some reason, made me nearly choke on my drink with laughing.

"but the minute something happened to it that it didn't like, it started acting less and less like a mysterious alien artifact and more like an aged sheepdog who's going to haul off and bite one of those damn kids if they keep trying to make it wear sunglasses."

Best description of the TARDIS ever!

"Huh. Doesn't really help us that much . . . " Jack's head suddenly popped out of the floor, looking like a meerkat with crumbs in his hair.

-and another hilarious visual.

This is absolutely... the only word I can think of is "delightful." It's like an episode we never got to see, that we should have. I always thought we missed a lot of the story of Nine/Rose/Jack as a crew. And not in the way a lot of authors like to portray, either, I just mean having adventures and... kay, I really really like this story, that's my point, and I'm adding you to my favorite authors list as well. My jealousy of your abilities is overpowered by my enjoyment of your work :)

Author's Response: Honored, although now I must endeavor to be worthy of it. Also, mad/sad agreement that the Nine/Rose/Jack configuration didn\'t get nearly enough episodes to develop its the potential for awesome. Thanks!

Emery Board2006.02.22 - 11:43PM5: Chapter Five: The Library Intranet Is For Patrons OnlySigned
Oh, this is getting good! Love the whole disbelief about Daleks, Time Lords and the Time War, that worked really well. my fav. quote from this chapter is He'd have flayed Jack with a teaspoon.
Thanks for posting more so soon!

Author's Response: \"Wouldn\'t a sonic screwdriver be better, Doctor?\" \"No, because a spoon is DULL, you idiot!\" ;}

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