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Dr_Tamwe2007.02.26 - 03:55AM4: Chapter Four: Defining Your Search ParametersSigned
"Tannin and free radicals, good, but if he was going to get his brain back up to speed . . . He reached for the sugar cellar."
*stamps foot* Dammit! Stupid writers! They meant to say "antioxidants" - not "free radicals" - free radicals cause cellular damage and antioxidants oppose them. And antioxidants are in tea. Argh, argh. Just... argh. File it under reversing the polarity of the neutron flow :(

Two hearts."

"'Livin' in just . . one . . mind --'"

You *had* to go there? Didn't you?

"For all that it symbolized a desire to keep everything and everyone at arms' length, for all that it was a snarling renunciation of those fatuous affectations of his earlier lives, for all that it was the outward and physical manifestation of the scarred bulwark of his soul -- damn, he looked good in this coat."

You've just summed up everything I love about Nine in one paragraph.

This is a brilliant story, and I REALLY should be going now...

Author's Response: Eep! My wholesale appropriation of show dialogue is ill-advised! The true doctors of the world have found us out! ;) Actually, I should probably go back and correct that . . . seems like a really stupid mistake now that I think about it . . .
Yes, I *did* have to go there. Just wait until next chapter when \'Sussudio\' is quoted in its entirety.
And Nine is a beautiful bastard, and that drives everything, really. Thanks for reading/reviewing/wasting your time with my mad fic :)

Membio2006.06.16 - 12:41PM4: Chapter Four: Defining Your Search ParametersSigned
Egads I cant review every chapter there are so many! YEAH! a good long read. I always feel so sorry for the Coctor once stripped of his leather and screwdriver... also any time the workinds of the TARDIS are lost/take etc.... yikes! More to read-- here I go.

Author's Response: Dude, PACE yourself! It all hurts if you look at it for more than three chapters at a time -- I should know, I\'m *writing* this monstrosity! OH GOD I WANT MY BRAIN BACK (ahem) Glad you like; and the Doctor will be stripped of the ol\' leather more than once in future chapters . . . heh . . .

livii2006.06.03 - 12:49AM4: Chapter Four: Defining Your Search ParametersSigned
I liked some of your other pieces a lot so I set to work on your catalogue. Well, this is quite the piece - and I love it. Great voices, great setting, and the chapter titles are all making me laugh in advance. Wonderful so far, and am plugging away and will review when I stop again. :)

Author's Response: You\'re too kind! Glad you\'re enjoying this! (the titles are the fun bits, though I\'m starting to paint myself into a corner . . )

tempest2006.04.02 - 03:04AM4: Chapter Four: Defining Your Search ParametersSigned
This is sooo good, I only just started reading it and haven't finished, but had to say something before continuing.
It's so clever, the temple of Odin accepted by the Logicians, the planet called Thoth, was Thoth the Ancient Egyptian God of wisdom? Or am I getting mixed up?
Alezhandria, maybe I'm mixed up again but wasn't that like a city with a huge library, that was burned?... Alexandria... maybe not...or did you modernize the name… whatever.
I also love the way this is written
Through a totally long, confusing chain of events, which probably proves the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, i discovered Douglas Adams books a few years ago and loved them.
Also liked the Sherlock Holmes reference. Enjoyed those books too.
Sorry for blathering on, I felt like talking.
This is wonderful, I'm going to read all the other chapters now. Great Work :)

Author's Response: Give the man (girl) a medal! Yup. Thoth was the god of scribes and invented writing; general wisdom and such. I think he was also a lunar deity, too, which is ironic considering that I named the planet after him instead of the moon . . . And yes, the Great Library of Alexandria, widely considered the repository of the wisdom of the ancient world, got torched by the third of the Rashidun Orthodox Caliphs when Islam was kicking the crap out of everyone. I \'updated\' the name as a bit of a wink, because everyone knows that the future is all about alternate spellings. Very, very happy that someone puts up with my silly digressions, and always delighted to get a rambly review :} I bet you always know where your towel is.

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