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Reviews For Past Due

Gillian Taylor2007.02.26 - 04:51PM1: Chapter 1: Checking InSigned
WOOT! It's back! YAY! *dances for joy* Oh, how I've missed this fic. Missed your ability to write classic Nine-snark. And the Nine and Jack interaction is just brilliant. There's so much I'd love to quote back at you, but we'd be here all night. So, suffice it to say, I'm thrilled it's back and I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: :) thanks!

Dr_Tamwe2007.02.26 - 03:02AM1: Chapter 1: Checking InSigned
Ah, yes. This looks really interesting! You've captured Nine very well, too, and I expect if I keep reading I'll say the same thing about Rose and Jack, as well as all their interactions. Intriguing, I'll add it to my favorites so I can read the rest when I'm not at work ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

diannelamerc2006.08.16 - 11:07PM1: Chapter 1: Checking InSigned
Got to read the whole thing at once and loved it! Very nice work keeping the story really moving and interesting and the characterizations on. ;-)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! I try. When you\'ve got the Teaspoon crowd giving you constant feedback, the editorial process goes pretty smoothly . . wonderful chaps, all of you . . . although I don\'t know how you could read the whole thing at once in one go. I WROTE this thing and I can\'t even . . well. Thanks again!

Emery Board2006.07.21 - 03:14PM1: Chapter 1: Checking InSigned
Alright, I've been waiting patiently. . .WHERE IS MY PAST DUE?!


Author's Response: . . . internet down, life hard, so hot . . . so hot. . . why so hot? . . .

Membio2006.06.16 - 12:03PM1: Chapter 1: Checking InSigned
EEk~ what did the Doctor see on the screen??? that's what I want to know! Yes of course I will keep reading.
The Doctor's voice is a little fuzzy- I had to look and check to see if he was 9 or 10...

Author's Response: Yup. Earliest chapter; took me a while to find my \"voice\" for Nine . . . hopefully it improves in later chapters . . . thanks for reading!

Emery Board2006.03.16 - 01:46AM1: Chapter 1: Checking InSigned
Sorry, that last review came off terribly. What I meant to say was "Yes, scarily like Douglas Adams". I apologize for my apalling typing. ;)

Author's Response: duDe s oky all meik misttakes lol :)

Gillian Taylor2006.02.23 - 02:36AM1: Chapter 1: Checking InSigned
Excellent :) Now, this too can be added to my favourites. Love this, as I've gushed over on T&C. Especially all the wonderful old-skool references.

Author's Response: Hi!

wmr2006.02.22 - 10:26PM1: Chapter 1: Checking InSigned
Fantastic! Now I've been able to add this to my favourites here too :)

Author's Response: As ever, thank you!

Emery Board2006.02.22 - 09:56PM1: Chapter 1: Checking InSigned
I'm really liking this. It's looking great. Loved the little comments you threw in, like "reversing the polarity of the neutron flow"!

Author's Response: Cliche, yeah, but it WORKS! :)

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