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Editrx2017.08.10 - 01:10AM20: Chapter Twenty -- Overdue FinesSigned
I know this won't be completed, but I wanted you to know I just read the entire thing in two evenings and was CAPTIVATED. Your writing is so wonderful -- I knew that from working my way through everything you've written -- but this particular piece really stands out.

I'm a professional editor (35+ years with mainstream publishers), and I want to encourage you if you *do* feel the urge to go back to this piece, it is well worth it. It's truly a great story.

LongLiveHumour2017.01.11 - 10:20PM20: Chapter Twenty -- Overdue FinesSigned
I know this thing is never going to be complete and I know you'll probably never even read this message but by gods - I've had such fun. This is the second time I've read it and I'll doubtless read it again, ending or no. Your writing is vivid and funny and clever, you've a sharp eye for an image and Ragusa is one of the most enjoyable OCs I've ever met. Thank you. Wherever you are.

jedi_penguin2008.09.04 - 05:22PM20: Chapter Twenty -- Overdue FinesSigned
Just discovered this story and enjoyed it very much. It looks like it won't get finished but oh well.... I was very entertained by what is here. You have some great original characters, particularly the Director, and a very original plot and setting. If you ever decide to finish this, you'll have at least one avid reader. *grin*

sinecure2008.01.31 - 02:26AM20: Chapter Twenty -- Overdue FinesSigned
I just found this fic and read it all in one sitting. It's beyond fantastic. Well-written, in character, exciting, intriguing, an all-around wonderful story! I felt like I was reading a DW book.

Unfortunately, it seems the last couple of chapters have been ripped from the binding. Hopefully that'll be rectified soon. Because this is an unbelievably awesome story. I look forward to more! :)

tempest2008.01.08 - 07:43PM20: Chapter Twenty -- Overdue FinesSigned
Woohoo! I'm so glad I'm back reading this awesome story. You're characters are wonderful: I love them! All of them! I miss Nine, Jack and Rose so much *sob* and you make them into such a fun team. Your Doctor-Jack interaction is so perfect and man I've got this soft spot for Ragusa!!

You had better keep this up; I've got no problems with it not ending any time soon, but you really should update before April 08, just because.

I want more chapters!!!


I love your writing

Lady Yueh2007.07.14 - 10:53PM20: Chapter Twenty -- Overdue FinesSigned

Ragusa going on about how they did documentaries on this sort of situation is precious. But it still can't beat out the moment that Rose realizes she's turning into the Doctor.

Really great, fast-paced, excellent characterization, succulent plot, amusing dialogue, and all that other good stuff. Hope you update soon.

kalima2007.02.26 - 09:54PM20: Chapter Twenty -- Overdue FinesSigned
OMG! Whee! I was just rereading this and lamenting. Oh the Doctor is a jewel in this. I adore him mightily. thank you.

Author's Response: Thanks!

wmr2007.02.26 - 04:35PM20: Chapter Twenty -- Overdue FinesSigned
You have made my WEEK! More Past Due! Okay, it's a week late for me to consider it a birthday present, but I'm not fussy ;)

Love, love, LOVE the Doctor/Jack interaction. Your Nine snark is as sharp and incisive as ever, and your Jack comeback is witty and intelligent, also as ever. I really love the way you write these two. So many lines I could quote back at you as gems, but for some reason this little exchange is what made me laugh out loud:


"Shut up. Talking. C'mon, Mr. Horten. I'm not finished with you; not by a long shot."

"Doctor." Jack's voice had a warning note, and he had withdrawn further into the room. "Remember this whole 'lookout' thing I was on about?"

And through it all I see Jack and the Doctor becoming a strong team, trusting each other, relying on each other and instinctively knowing what each other needs - even despite the Doctor's outward apparent continuing distrust. I love that.

What a treat! Now, please, tell us you're on a roll and the next chapter will come soon?

Author's Response: It was your birthday?! Many, many happy returns! And cake!
I miss that Jack/Nine rapport that was cut short in S1. There was the potential for greatness there, though luckily certain authors *koff koff signifigant eyebrow* picked up that ball and ran with it . . . actually, the beauty of S1 Jack and Rose increasingly seems to be that they were very fond of their Doctor but adamant about not seeming impressed. I miss those guys :(
Working on the rest. Thank you -- as always! -- and again, a very Happy Birthday :}

Tante2007.02.26 - 12:41PM20: Chapter Twenty -- Overdue FinesSigned
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
Happy Dance!!!

Just about every stinkin' sentence is worth the wait. *sigh of contentment*

My favorites this time...
* "You'd think a bloody door would break for that, but no." - the lead up to it, in contrast, is brilliant.
* loved that the Doctor hurt his hand in the door breaking attempt, too. Good that you refer to it rather than describe it directly. I love that you supply all the details around an event so that we can virtually see the event without it actually having been in the story's narrative. Fun. Wasn't sure for a minute there, if they were actually out the door though. ;)
* Rose's hallucinative interlude is charming in a gorey smelly sort of way. How that goes together is beyond me, but it does.
* "Horten blinked in rapid succession. If he'd been a telegraph machine, he'd have just sent a rather garbled message about tax forms and spray fixative." - snerk. And this one... "Horten blinked again, adding a series of pointless mathematical equations to the stuff with the fixative."
* "hitting you upside the face like Palin with a pilchard" - and I've a literary reference of some sort to look up. No idea what this refers to but now I'm bloody curious. I do have work to do today, you know. Articles don't write themselves.
* "see just how madly you they'll behave before catching on" - Whoops!!!

* And horay for Ragusa finding the TARDIS. Poor lobster really needs a break. Hope the TARDIS has the med lab fired up for her.

Don't hang your head unless you're going to take another six months for the next bit. We're nearing the end, yeah?
Brilliant work, as usual. I'll have to go back and read it again. This is one I'm going to have to end up printing out. With your permission. :)

:) Tante

Author's Response: \"Palin with a pilchard\" is actually . . . uh . . . a Monty Python reference *koff*. The, ah, Fish-Slapping Dance. When Michael Palin\'s dressed up in a safari uniform and hitting John Cleese with . . . fish. I . . . would like to say that I could drop obscure literary references, but I FAIL. (ooh, and thanks for catching that last typo; I fixed. Ta)
If you print this monster out, make sure I reimburse you for an ink cartridge. I probably owe it to you for keeping up with this monster :P But as always, thanks much for reading!

Emery Board2007.02.26 - 08:35AM20: Chapter Twenty -- Overdue FinesSigned

You're back, you're back, you're back, your back!

Other, where have you been? I've been waiting and waiting, and I sent a coupla emails, but you didn't answer, and I'm so happy to see you again, and you've updated and I'm just so happy!

Will post a proper review for your new chapter as soon as I've re-read the entire story to remind myself exactly what'g going on, but drop me a line if you want! I'd love to talk . . . and talk, and talk and talk and talk . . .

Author's Response: *waves* Hi! Hotmail\'s been weird; life\'s been . . . well, there. Not bad or good, just there. Hi!

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