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Hbee2011.01.19 - 07:30PM19: Chapter Nineteen -- Excuse Our MessSigned
*tips hat in a similar fashion to 7*
Hello. Here to say...
...I bloody *love* this story!
*regains tiny bit of dignity*
Please continue. :)

Asano2006.12.20 - 09:14PM19: Chapter Nineteen -- Excuse Our MessAnonymous
I think we're getting close to the heat death of the universe.

Must I go get my cattle prod?

Author's Response: Sorry. Sorry. Going to work on it over holidays, probably.
please no cattle prod pleez

Torquewood2006.10.20 - 03:17PM19: Chapter Nineteen -- Excuse Our MessSigned
While I should have been sutdying for tests, writing papers, paying attention, taking notes, and otherwise being a good little student, this story has effectively deterred me from such activites for about a week. I'm addicted to you like a fat person to greasy chips. Not only that, but to keep somewhat hooked to something so HUGE is impressive. This story is long, but not obnxiously so. Never once got tired of any of it!
I think you capture all of the characters exceptionally well, including your own. You have the perfect combination of a series story line, character study, cool fantastic setting, and humor. The seperate story lines and intersect then divide again are also done very well. Goodness, do you work in an aquarium or something? I can't believe the detail of attention you've put into Ragusa!
The sort of 'bonding' thing you have going on with Jack and the Doctor is very intriguing. The addition of Pompeii was insightful.
You also seem to have a talent for creating very complicated systems essential to the story that can be comprehensively summed up through thought and dialogue. Very nice!
You've earned a fan here!

Author's Response: A-HAHAHAHAHA-HA! One more scholastic career irrepairably damaged by my inability to finish anything! -- Seriously though, thanks. Every time I start to work on this I worry that the characters are verging towards OOC or that my original characters are obnoxious. Ragusa stems from a love of crustaceans and the Alien movies, though her jaw system is ripped off Predator. I thank you for your patronage and will endeavor to post more often.

njelruch2006.08.18 - 08:11AM19: Chapter Nineteen -- Excuse Our MessSigned

I'm so glad that you're continuing this story! I'm afraid that I'm getting way too emotionally invested in Ragusa, though. I'm going to be very upset if she croaks. Also, I hope for her sake that she's the type of creature that can regrow limbs.

Anyway -- great chapter. Can't wait for the next installment.

Author's Response: Glad to know you\'re enjoying things! . . . actually, I\'m not sure how fast Ragusa can regrow limbs. As for whether she lives . . . heh. Heh. MUWAHAHAHAHAH -- ooh, sorry. Glad you like her! Thanks for commenting and reading!

wildcard2006.08.18 - 06:59AM19: Chapter Nineteen -- Excuse Our MessSigned
Wow, loved reading this – all new to me and can’t understand how I missed this! Great plot, very witty and great characterisations. Just spent over 3 hours reading it all in one go!

I howled with laughter when The Doctor was being rescued from the tank by Ragusa and her planning to give him mouth to mouth. Then Rose thinking that the Doctor had been snogging her.

The scenes in the vents – too many to mention that made me grin from ear to ear.

Fantastic! More soon please!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! . . . yeah. I watched Alien way too many times as a callow youth, and unfortunately it has found its way into my writing. Mind you, I don\'t know how she\'d manage it without, you know, lips.

wmr2006.08.18 - 06:55AM19: Chapter Nineteen -- Excuse Our MessSigned
Wow! Am I glad I also checked this here! I had no idea you'd dedicated this chapter to me :) Yes, I miss Jack very much indeed, but you've given me a huge fix of Jack in this chapter. You've written him beautifully. So in character, so much a mixture of the flirt, the conman and the hero. Loved his concern for Rose, and also his disguised concern for the Doctor over the Time War.

The Doctor, too, is just perfect. The many layers of what's going on here, his growing but reluctant respect for Jack, the dialogue! and the way he's worried about Rose but trying not to show it. His aside to Jack about who's allowed to travel with him... ooh, revealing. And Jack didn't apply it to himself?

I also like the back-story you've given here about the Time Lords and the Time Agency and that being part of the reason he took Jack on board.

Finally, the Rose and Ragusa show continues to please. Very much. But poor Ragusa - I so hope you're not going to kill her off now :( Which reminds me - Lyn. Oh, now that's painful. Showing what the Book can do in the wrong hands :(

And I also loved that passage Gillian quoted, as you'll see from my post on your LJ.

How much more of this do you think there'll be? I'm not sure I want it to end...

Author's Response: Hi again! -- Well, if wmr likes your Jack, you know you\'re doing something right :) . . . actually, Cold Eye and Reading Gaol really warmed me to the character a lot more, so this is really your fault. Really appreciate the detailed reviews, too . . I\'m going to try to wrap this up in five chapters, although given how much I like writing Doctor/Jack bickering and Rose/Ragusa sniping that\'s going to be hard. Thanks again for sticking with this beast.

Gillian Taylor2006.08.18 - 05:36AM19: Chapter Nineteen -- Excuse Our MessSigned
It's back! *squees* Oh, I can't tell you how much I missed this fic. Was wondering if you'd ever get back to it. But, anyway, onto the gushing compliments ;) I must say that I adore the storyline, the little nods to canon and the joys of Ragusa (I'm rather sad that she's been left behind. I did like the character a lot). But this:

The Doctor -- who wore no signifiers of marital status, liked cats, routinely composed scathing diatribes against impractical footwear and had financed most of his personal experiments and jiggery-pokery during the long dark UNIT years by writing bodice-rippers notable for their lack of bodices and ripping (but rife with technical terms and ruthless historical accuracies) -- resented the implication but opted to say nothing.

Had me laughing out loud. Stroke of genius! I hope that we'll see more out of you soon! And welcome back :)

Author's Response: Hi! And thanks so very much! It\'s nice to be back :) Really really really glad you like Ragusa; I was worried that readers wouldn\'t like her detracting from the OT3 (so to speak) but I was hoping that Rose would get a chance to shine if I paired them up for a bit. Hopefully that\'s working too . . . as for the novel bit, you KNOW that Benton and Jo were surreptitiously editing all those torrid passages. Just sayin\'. Thanks so much for reading!

Emery Board2006.08.17 - 11:46PM19: Chapter Nineteen -- Excuse Our MessSigned
Oh, I love this story! I'm so glad to hear from you. I've fixed the error in Mistress of Dread. Hope you like what I missed out the first time!

Okay, first of all, great to hear from you after so long, and especially great to FINALLY get a new chapter of Past Due.

I love how Rose turns into the Doctor, with her own twists. . . that's just brilliant. I love how she can take care of herself, and Ragusa (well. . . mostly :) and I love how she keeps promising to "explain later". Move over, Curse of the Fatal Death"!

I love how the Doctor is trying so hard not to like Jack, but keps feeling a bit of warmth, and how he still views Rose as his "real" companion.

And finally, I love the whole way this story fits together so well. Still wanna swap ideas via email?

Author's Response: Curse of the Fatal Death is THE guide to the Doctor\'s operating system. Steven Moffatt cracked the code ;) Great to be back and catching up, especially with JoAT; the weather\'s much better for readin\' and writin\'. Also very glad you think that it\'s falling together well; I get nervous that it\'s going to stall . . I might ask your opinion on chapter structure if I don\'t make up my mind; I hope you wouldn\'t mind . . and thanks so very, very much fer sticking with this! :)

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