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Erica2016.02.13 - 10:22PM16: Last night on EarthSigned
Ok this had me in literal tears. I do love that in the end it was still her mom she confiding in. And I do hope you find away to get Rose back. I can barely wait for the nextra update.

Liesel_Margarite2016.01.06 - 08:49PM14: Facets of LoveSigned

Forgetmenot2015.12.27 - 06:42AM16: Last night on EarthSigned
Hi! I can't stop myself from reviewing this wonderful story! Not too many weeks ago I was surfing the net, bored, when I found this site. Who's scared of the Big Bad Wolf was the first story I read here.. And probably you should be blamed cause now I have really very big expectations in this site's stories!
This chapter makes my heart bleed and my eyes full of tears.. And I hate and love you for that!
And Donna and Tentoo.. Such a perfect bittersweet moment! I should tell you that, when they all heard the sound of the cloister bells I tought Jenny's coming in the Tardis xD (something like "Hi daddy..ies?")
I can't wait for thw next chap!
Ehm.. Sorry for the very long and probably confusing review (and forgive me if i made mistakes in my writing.. I'm italian not english :P) and I wish you a very happy christmas (.. have you seen the xmas special? *^*) and a happy new year!

Naceera2015.12.26 - 06:57PM16: Last night on EarthSigned
What a great Christmas present thank you! Rose and the doctor think of themselves in the same way, the self hatred, the self sacrificing, both blame themselves for everything that's happens and carry the weight of the universe on their shoulders, now if they would only learn to open up To each other and share the burden will they finally be ready for happiness.
I loved how well written your chapters are, and I find myself drawn to each of the characters and feeling love and sorrow for all of them. My father passed away a few weeks ago, and I have been holding back a lot of grief that your story has helped me release. Donna and the doctor talking about Jenny! Jackie and Rose talking about her impending loss, all brought those emotions of losing someone so close to home that I could not help but genuinely feel the sorrow these characters are going through. And yes the end of the chapter was glorious and lifted my heart and left me smiling, so thank you again for the wonderful gift of your writing, and will be waiting patiently for your next chapter.

strem19842015.12.25 - 02:03AM16: Last night on EarthSigned
This chapter was an emotional rollercoaster. It went from angsty, to sad drama, and then was thrown into passionate necking. The tears had barely dried and I found myself laughing. This is such a wonderful story, and so well written. I'm so excited about the next chapter.

falconwing2015.12.24 - 11:40PM16: Last night on EarthSigned
I was holding my breath longer with each paragraph read. I'm going to need an oxygen tank to finish this story. That and a new box of tissues.

Stories like these make this my favourite corner of the internet.

Thanks for the best Christmas present of the year. I love how you "unwrapped" the gifts in this story.....any chance the unwrapping will continue if the metacrisis sees or scents what's been happening? ;)

Dreamcatcher2015.12.24 - 09:43PM16: Last night on EarthSigned
Not sure if I could of said it any better than the review by sapph89...my heart wonders if it would have been better to wait until tomorrow to get torn apart...anyway hope you enjoy your Christmas and return with a recovery plan soon.

sapph892015.12.24 - 12:37PM16: Last night on EarthSigned
Best and worst Christmas gift EVER!! I love that Rose and the Doctor FINALLY kissed and he was able to say the the words that he needed to say to her. Absolutely LOVED that they had a completely HOT make out session. Donna confronting meta-Doctor about Jenny was amazing and I'm still wondering about how the meta-Doctor is gonna survive, but I'm sure you'll explain it. The scene with Jackie made me cry, not gonna lie. I was sobbing like a baby. And Jackie is gonna have one hell of a fight to keep the meta-Doctor away from Rose when the final cracks in the universe close up. I also have a huge desire to see some sexy-times between the two Docs and Rose and the way you ended the chapter was a perfect set-up *nudge nudge, wink wink*. Normally that doesn't interest me, but the way you write I think I world adore a scenario like that. Thank you so much for posting this completely awesome chapter on Christmas Eve. Now, have a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year if we don't see you before then. May your muse visit soon and often.

strem19842015.12.18 - 11:12AM15: Abandon all hopeSigned
This cliffhanger is destroying my sanity! Poor Rose! What will she do? What will happen to her? Please keep writing... for my sanity. Lol

Author's Response: Sorry it took so long to respond - thank you so much for your review. First off, have a fab, happy Christmas and all the best! Sorry for the cliffhanger. I appreciate that the last chapter was rather hearbreaking and in an effort to soothe some tempers and put me in a better stead with all you guys, there are some smoochies in the chapter I just uploaded. I hope you enjoy your Christmas break and my chapter brightens your holiday a bit further! Until next time.

math_not_ink2015.12.15 - 01:16PM15: Abandon all hopeSigned
Well, that was pretty evil...not sure how her going to pete's world is going to help her..not able to touch mom again, and all that other stuff. There had better be a good explanation and reason. Why would her staying be bad.

Author's Response: Hi! I hope the chapter I just uploaded clarified any remaining questions, but if not feel free to get in touch and I'll do my best to respond. I'll take the being evil as a compliment *muahaha*. Well, this next chapter has some kisses in it which hopefully help me soothe some of the tempers of my poor readers and brighten up your Christmas a bit!

math_not_ink2015.12.15 - 02:15AM13: Journey's EndSigned
Don't like the metacrisis being a fixed point. Not that I don't love him ...but...

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you very much for your review. I definitely know what you mean. I hope the chapter I just uploaded will soothe your pain a bit! Have a merry Christmas and a brilliant time with all those you love!

Naceera2015.12.13 - 03:33AM15: Abandon all hopeSigned
Well, I knew I was in for heartbreak again after such a love filled chapter before, which almost make me forget all the pain poor Rose has been through, all the memories of her pain and suffering from the previous chapters came rushing back, and now I'm crying again. Jack so determined to get to the bottom of things, Jackie protecting her daughter, all brought emotions close to the surface, again such a great chapter, looking forward to crying some more with your next one. Your promises of 11 keep me hoping.

Author's Response: First off - Merry Christmas! I hope you get to spend it with your loved ones and every success to your cool shop! Secondly, thank you very much for your review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and managed to tug at your heartstrings. There's more crying but due to all my wonderful reviewers I've also put some kisses into the next one which I hope will satisfy everyone's hearts, especially now that it's Christmas! Yay! I really am grateful for your review and I would love to hear what you think of the latest chapter!

math_not_ink2015.12.13 - 01:38AM7: Rose by any other nameSigned
Barely started your story tonight...I love your Ninth Doctor and Jack.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far. I do hope you'll enjoy the rest of it just as much! Thank you.

sapph892015.12.12 - 07:11PM15: Abandon all hopeSigned
Oh my god, those last few paragraphs with Rose broke my heart! I dont want her to have to go back to Pete's world, she's literally not meant to be there. But I have faith that despite causing me to shed a few tears, you have a way to fix this. I always had issues with how the 10th Doctor left Rose with his metacrisis, but knew that Donna couldn't sustain the changes, I always felt like he had just abandoned Rose to lose the man she loved twice. But I digress, I absolutely love how Jack was a so very perfect mix of unrequited love and big brother when it came to noticing all the little things that changed about Rose, and how he was willing to go toe-to-toe with Jackie herself to get the information. And I'll be honest, not exactly loving the TARDIS at the moment, but like I said before, I know you'll find a way to fix this. Amazing chapter, and I can't wait till the next one, so until then may your muse visit soon and often.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and I agree, she's not meant to be there. However, as you read, she will need to be there. Lots of angst and drama to follow, but I do promise a reunion with Eleven, so hopefully that will soothe some tempers :) Yay, glad you enjoyed Jack. He was lots of fun to write and especially with Jackie. Tardis will also make more sense. I'm happy you enjoyed it all and I promise I've not run out of muse yet! Lots still to come and thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings about this chapter! PepperonyOwl

doctorsdamerose2015.12.12 - 12:44PM15: Abandon all hopeSigned
Woaww Woaww just Woaww!! Amazing superb just fantastic.. No words to describe how I am feeling now.. Your writing is a pure gem.. Loving it so much.. You broke my heart. Twisted it, ripped it into pieces.. Waiting for the next chapter.. :)

Author's Response: Yay - a new reader! Thank you very much for your review - and all the flattery. I am glad you enjoyed the chapter even though it was rather heartbreaking. I am working on the next chapter and thank you for taking the time to feedback! It's great encouragement for me :)

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