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zanthinegirl2009.07.30 - 03:09PM11: EpilogueSigned
What a cool story! Really enjoyed this one; it felt like an actual episode. Neat twists!

ponygirl2009.01.19 - 09:37AM1: Chapter 1Signed
*here via Calufrax*


Seriously, how could I have missed this the first time around? It's wonderful. Amazing. Fantastic. If you're not already a professional writer, you should really, really consider it.

amberowl2008.08.30 - 02:29PM1: Chapter 1Signed
A great story, your charaterisation and plot are excellent. Really well written and a joy to read.

ClocketPatch2007.02.19 - 07:01AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Wow, this left me with my mouth hanging open at every turn. The plot, the characterization, the general wowiness of it. Anything with Five is good in my books, an AMAZING story with Five just leaves me like a deer in the headlights. thanks.

KimotoCat2005.11.24 - 07:43AM11: EpilogueSigned
I have read and enjoyed all of your stories, but somehow I think this one got to me the most. It was very well written, had a phantastic plot twist and all in all kept me up until far past my usual bedtime. Really good story, Patrice!

Amber2005.11.15 - 12:01PM11: EpilogueSigned
You can play a plot wonderfully. I have read 'Clutch of Circumstance' like 3 times now and love it ( why didn't many people review that because it's one of the best Five stories on this site... shame on everyone?) Anyway, in my mind you had to make an extra effort to surpass that story... this was it! Well Done!

Elanor2005.11.12 - 04:09PM11: EpilogueSigned
I have adored this story: the society you so richly brought to life, the TARDIS regulars - and a really good twisty plot. Like all the good mystery writers you gave us enough clues but still kept us guessing right up to the end. I am glad to see Nyssa getting a lot to do and, of course, I adored seeing all the hurt / comfort with Adric. Something else that always draws me to your stories is a believable 'adversary': Gerran wasn't evil - he was a man cornered who was doing what he thought was expedient for his people. If only they had filmed this as an episode. Write another story soon.

warinbabylon2005.11.10 - 03:01AM11: EpilogueSigned
Patrice, I'm constantly in awe with your plotting abilities! This was a thoroughly enjoyable story with excellent characterization. Thank you!

TeganFan2005.11.09 - 05:23PM11: EpilogueSigned
This was a great story and I'm sorry to see it end! Great job!

9sgirl2005.11.09 - 12:40PM11: EpilogueSigned
What a great story. I enjoyed all of it. You write very well. I was thoroughly entertained. All the regular characters were kept in charcter. I look forward to your next effort.

Mouth On Legs2005.11.08 - 06:28PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Hey now... don't leave us hanging too long. Ari

Dallista2005.11.07 - 10:00AM9: Chapter 9Signed
Can't wait to see what happens next! Cliffhangers can be so cruel... ;)

9sgirl2005.11.04 - 11:52PM8: Chapter 8Signed
Great continuation. You continue to keep everyone in character. I eagerly await more. Lisa

9sgirl2005.11.03 - 11:56PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Poor Nyssa. Interesting notion of this touching of the minds causing these strange symptoms. I have an idea who the man is in the cave but cannot wait to see how this plays out.

9sgirl2005.11.01 - 03:35PM6: Chapter 6Signed
I hope there is room on that seat for the rest of us. I am so close to the edge I am about to fall off. My nails are chewed to nubbins from the suspense. Great job. More, please!!! Lisa

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