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Reviews For Cooling Down

DreamCaster2013.09.09 - 11:11AM1: Cooling DownSigned
Thank you for this. Your writing holds together well and you capture the characters perfectly. I've not seen 42 in about 2 years but your story took me right back as if it were only last night. Nice work :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I\'m glad you liked it that much!

RiverKentValley2012.03.02 - 03:15PM1: Cooling DownSigned
Brilliant! I love this story! The reactions, the emotions, everything! I think you got Martha just right. The Doctor too, was very well written.

My favorite part in your writing is the emotions. You captured them, once again, splendidly!

Very Interesting dialog between Scannell and The Doctor. I would have never thought of that!

once again, a 5 out of 5 story!

Author's Response: Yay! So happy you liked it! I admit, the conversation between Scannell and the Doctor caught me off guard when I thought of it, but I felt like it worked. Thank you so much for requesting this, I had so much fun writing it.

Namarie2012.03.02 - 02:43AM1: Cooling DownSigned
Very nice depiction of a moment that I really would have liked to see between these two.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'d have liked to see more too!

Bobsyeruncle2012.03.01 - 03:32PM1: Cooling DownSigned
This was nicely done and caught one of the better moments between the Doctor and Martha.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Galesgal2012.03.01 - 02:38PM1: Cooling DownSigned
This was great. I often thought that it was rather odd how quickly he recovered on this episode as well as moonlight. You captured the kindness and unserstanding the two have so well. I loved this only wish it eas a bit longer. I would love for u too a midnight one show donna care for her doctor and confront those on the shuttle with him

Author's Response: I have definately contemplated doing a midnight one, and may just have to do it sometime. So, so glad you liked it!!!

tenner2012.03.01 - 11:57AM1: Cooling DownSigned
If memory serves 42 was the first time the Doctor ever said he was actually scared. So I love it because it's very telling and one of my favorite episodes. (Having said that Tennant's tenure as the Doctor is iconic, and has yet to be touched, much less surpassed, IMO) I love your take on Ten, I feel you truly know him. Thank you for such a wonderful, insightful tale.

Author's Response: I think you\'re right about 42 being his first admission to being scared. I agree with your opinion of Tennant\'s tenure, and I\'m so glad that you love my take on him. I\'ve spent so much time in his head, trying to gain an insight into who he is and how he thinks, and I\'m so glad it comes across! Thank you!

Quean of Swords2012.03.01 - 11:40AM1: Cooling DownSigned
Excellent! I have filed this away into my head-canon. :)

Author's Response: Yay! It\'s always an honor when someone does that with one of my stories! :D

Fiction2012.03.01 - 10:55AM1: Cooling DownSigned
Brilliant. I adored it. I too wished to see more of how he recovered in 42. There was no way he was just fine. Lovely job.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it so much! Thank you!

BiteyMadLady2012.03.01 - 09:25AM1: Cooling DownSigned
Ooooh, thanks for writing this!

"42" is one of my favorite S3 episodes, and I felt the same way that you did... that the Doctor would be very rattled by the invasion of the Sun creature. His vulnerability and terror were only too apparent during the freezing, when he told Martha he was scared.

The Doctor almost *never* says that, and it was the most vulnerable he'd ever been with Martha. You filled in the blanks so well.

Good job! I really enjoyed reading this. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I feel like \'42\' gets passed over a lot, but it\'s definately one of 10\'s pivotal episodes, especially with Martha. He reveals more fear in that episode than he ever lets people see, and it\'s such an insight into what must have been going through his head. I\'m glad you enjoyed reading it!!! :)

Persiflage2012.03.01 - 09:23AM1: Cooling DownSigned
Yup, that's our Martha all right. Nice of Ten to actually acknowledge how much he needed her there.

Author's Response: He definately needed to appreciate her more, so I choose to believe it happened in the missing scenes. Glad you liked Martha!

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