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Leonawriter2017.07.07 - 11:13AM7: Chapter 7Signed
This was absolutely wonderful to read, and everyone's voices - as usual - came through so strongly. And the fact that in the end, it was all Ace was great too. Also I noticed you carrying on the thread of the Doctor trying to fix Donna's problem, and I love it, because it's not an easy thing, and it's taking so much time, but the payout is going to be so worth it in the end.

ThankYouFiccers2016.07.31 - 04:23AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Open a fic and it has a perfect description of a bonkers device and Ace McShane having a wife and you know its going to be a cracker (oh and written by one of the most brilliant Doctor Who ficcers around!). And oh my God this has made my week. Possibly my year. I can't believe I don't remember reading this before (my bookmarks claim I have but evidently it was a long time ago). So many brilliant points, I was noting down things I particularly wanted to flail in the reviews about and ended up with heaps of dot points and a lot of exclamation marks. Basically this-

"the Look" aagh that's such a magical idea

oh my god she named her daughter for Manisha, beautiful!!!!

Ace vs the Daily Mail reader perfect from ch1 and then how this changes over the story. It's like Midnight crossed with Voyage of the Damned- sometimes people in a crisis are great and sometimes they are awful, and sometimes you can't pick what people are deep down.

Odysseus reference? Nice!!!

"sometimes, admittedly, by managing to create a crisis" that's it. that's the show

Ace being perfect and fighting people being rude and organising everyone and knowing draconian swearwords (worldbuilding ftw!!)

Her reaction to her daughter being taken! and the specifying lower case p professor and the doctor explaining the bat

word power- not just the idea of looking at the idea of how the Doctor's word power works, but the fact that the writing is so good its believable and sounds right??!!!

@ch4 and oh -kill her. that is cruel! you evil evil genius! and then the chess and ace spotting that manipulation too later. THIS IS TOO CRUEL WOW I LOVE IT

but oh then her saying one being is allowed to manipulate her. tears.

Ace owning that worst moment and using it!!!!

The chant!!!!!!!!

Doctor's overheard moment is so creepy and good- midnight again

ace just knowing that the doctor wouldnt answer phone reliably.

"The support group is probably on fire."

the ending !!!!! "Normally, I'm the last person in favor of turning into a grown-up, but–" There was a catch in his voice. "It looks magnificent on you." " That's it I'm gone, I can never recover from this.

the hat game!!!!!

Ace being proud of totally not hacking skills

Her concern over his deaths! And him comforting that it was an accident!

the change in the relationship and yet (or even more) absolute trust.

And what you don't see from my totally very professional and academic feedback is the fact that at various points there was clapping, kicking of the ground, and hugging, because that was amazing. Thank you.

alex_unsigned2016.07.14 - 12:59AM1: Chapter 1Signed
i am speechless
i mean. all of it. all of it is so good. the names, the lies, ace all grown up with a beautiful wife and a kid, the midnight monster, the paradox -
aaaaaaa i need to calm down. okay. my favorite bit? My favorite bit was the speech to Janine, the part after "everything outside your little prison cell." Would you like to know what true evil looks like, Janine? Let me tell you. It's standing right in front of you, and it is not Ace McShane.
I love it so much. I love all of your fic so much. I love you so much.

AstroGirl2014.07.28 - 03:40PM7: Chapter 7Signed
This whole story is just amazing. Wonderful stuff. The story is good, and in places, very nicely creepy. Your Ace is marvelously believable as the Ace we know and love with a lot of growing up behind her. There are some terrific turns of phrase. And in the end it left me feeling all these wonderful, warm feelings. I think I may have actually shed a couple of happy tears. I think I need to go and thank the person who recc'd this to me. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m so glad that my Ace came across as recognizably *Ace* despite the age difference. And it gives me warm fuzzies when my fic gives other people warm fuzzies. :)

Thyme_Lady2013.01.22 - 06:58AM1: Chapter 1Signed
WOW, that was great. I loved all of the funny little lines you put in there to relieve some of the tension- espescially the one about the support group for being blown up by Ace (I think someone else quoted it in a review)
Anywho, it was great!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m glad the jokes were funny, and proud of the line about Ace and the support group. I\'m glad you enjoyed the story!

Lady Mercury2012.11.25 - 12:26AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I hardly ever read fic this long, but this was definitely worth the time it took to finish. Your Eleven and Ace are really spot-on, and the secondary characters are also great. And the themes, oh, the themes! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I always get a little bit giddy when people say, \"I don\'t usually read/like X, but I enjoyed yours.\" And it\'s especially cool that you ran across this now, because I remember you saying that you were going through the seventh Doctor\'s era, and this fic has a lot to do with Seven even if he never appears.

Vilinye2012.06.18 - 08:44PM7: Chapter 7Signed
She had thought that "Chesterford" looked like an alien who had heard vague rumors of a thing called fashion but didn't quite comprehend it. She hadn't expected to be quite so spectacularly right.
Excellent line, my friend. And are we supposed to know who stole Ace's Nitro-9? Because I would like to know.

Author's Response: River. River took Ace\'s Nitro-9, presumably for something that couldn\'t be solved by hallucinogenic lipstick and projectile weaponry. I would say that Ace is going to get her for that someday, but the truth is that they\'d probably have an extremely rocky beginning and then bond over pyrotechnics and mutual amusement at the Doctor\'s fashion sense. Which leads right back to that line, doesn\'t it? I\'m glad you liked it!

Vilinye2012.06.18 - 08:29PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Woot! That's the Doctor for you Ace, that's him all over. Go Doctor. I can't believe you didn't recognize it sooner, but I'll cut you some slack--you were very busy at the time.

Author's Response: *g* Ace had a lot on her mind, and he was not exactly being forthcoming. To say the least.

Vilinye2012.06.18 - 08:19PM4: Chapter 4Signed
There are statues that hunt, and shadows that eat, and I have work to do.
That is one of the best sentences I've seen in a fanfic. Really, really good.

Author's Response: Thank you! It\'s a reference to the last Seventh Doctor quote in the classic series, which I think is an excellent bit of writing.

annariel2012.03.14 - 02:21PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Great story!! I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m very glad that so many people liked my version of Older Ace, and the fic in general.

dbskyler2012.02.21 - 02:38AM7: Chapter 7Signed
Here from Calufrax, and so glad I came! This was absolutely marvelous. The moment when the Doctor was chanting the names, and then came to "Ace McShane"? I swear, I cheered. Thanks for writing this!

Author's Response: Thank you! That particular scene was the first one that appeared in my head; the rest of the story was built around it.

kalirush2012.02.12 - 11:18PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I just read this straight through and it's brilliant, and Ace is wonderful, and Eleven is as manipulative and weasely and slightly assholish and perfect as the Doctor ever could be.

This literally made me cry, at the end. I love the plot, and the characters, and Ace's life, and the Doctor chanting names, and the fact that knowing him there makes Ace feel pure hope in her moment of darkest despair. Perfect. Such good callback to Seven, and yet very Eleven.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I see a lot of similarities between Eleven and Seven—as you say, manipulative and weasely and slightly assholish, while still being firmly on the side of lives saved and people protected. The moment with the names was the first part of the fic that ever popped into my head, one of those things you *know* you have to write; I\'m glad I could do it justice.

Allonym2012.02.11 - 10:13AM1: Chapter 1Signed
"A monster annoyed McShane," the Doctor explained, "and then exploded. Perfectly normal phenomenon, happens all the time. There's probably a support group. The support group is probably on fire."

Yeah, I know someone's already tagged this as the best line ever, but I just have to say it again. Wonderful fic, love the tie ins to canon. Works beautifully!

Author's Response: *g* Yeah, that seems to be a favorite. I\'m delighted that you liked the story!

leviathan2012.02.10 - 06:03AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Yes, I _did_ just slobber all over you on your LJ. I can't stop. This is as magnificent a "Doctor Who" story as I've ever read. I've loved Ace since she first appeared, and you give us a perfectly believable, perfectly wonderful "25 Years Later" Ace, and an amazing 11th Doctor, and a storyline that is as perfectly Whovian as I've ever seen.

I read it thinking that I wished the Virgin Books Doctor Who "New Adventures" novels had been at this level of quality. It stands easily at the level of storytelling of the current series, as well.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! That\'s very high praise indeed. I\'m delighted at how well my adult version of Ace has resonated with people. The \"New Adventures\" novels, in my opinion, sometimes forgot that the Doctor *cares* even though he\'s manipulating the heck out of everyone and everything. From the reactions I\'ve gotten, it seems like I didn\'t fall into that trap, and I\'m very glad of that.

Daystar Searcher2012.02.09 - 12:05AM7: Chapter 7Signed
Just melted here: "Normally, I'm the last person in favor of turning into a grown-up, but–" There was a catch in his voice. "It looks magnificent on you."

God, I want this fic to be canon more than anything right now.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Maybe they\'ll do something like this and bring back Ace for the fiftieth anniversary.

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