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Reviews For Dark Days

tardisdonna410112015.06.30 - 03:12PM1: Dark DaysSigned
I really don't know why I decided to reread this. Probably why I decided to re-watch The Reichenbach Fall, Doomsday, and the Angels Take Manhattan in one sitting. (That did not go well.)
And we normally don't see what happened to the Doctor in those ten days (Good thing, too. I don't know how much whump a fangirl's feels can take.) but this... this seemed fitting. The Doctor compartmentalizes and compartmentalizes, so on the show you really can't see if he's hurting or not (especailly those scenes with the Daleks), but when he's alone, when he thinks no one can see him, when there's no point in hiding anymore, that's when the Doctor finally breaks down.
Fantastic job! (although I didn't expct any different from a LN29 story.)

Author's Response: How are you still SANE after watching all of those together?! Sheesh!!!

ChristianOtaku2014.10.19 - 01:38PM1: Dark DaysSigned
I'd like to see his failed escape attempts. Surely he would have taken advantage of a guard's mistake or a left open door. Or something.

Author's Response: I\'ve thought about writing another story about that, and I might well do so once I\'m finished with the one/s I\'m working on. He definitely did try to escape...multiple times...but the odds were so heavily stacked against him that he never managed to make it out on his own.

Novemberchild2012.02.20 - 01:03PM1: Dark DaysSigned
I mean, sorry for shouting that so happily, but I read this before I became a member and wanted to find it back so bad and never did - and now I finally have! So glad.
It's so well-written.

Author's Response: So happy you found it, and that it was memorable enough for you to come back!!! :D

jolly_rogette2012.01.18 - 03:55PM1: Dark DaysSigned
I loved these drabbles, even if the subject was hard to read. I felt so badly for the Doctor during the story, but even more so now. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you! I agree, knowing some of the specifics makes it worse.

stlouisphile2012.01.18 - 02:23PM1: Dark DaysSigned
To think that our Ten went through this alone and kept his sanity. Truly great writing. And I feel guilty about the vivisection one. If anything (sorry) I'd like a more in depth telling.

Author's Response: It is incredible that he made it, although he was slipping by the end of it. He\'s such a strong character, and it broke my heart to do this to him.

And you\'re not alone in the vivisection one, I think. For some reason, that one has struck a chord with a lot of people (myself included) and it is entirely possible that I will do a more in-depth version of that one.

Author's Response: Just an added note: I did write a more in-depth vivisection story. Hopefully it\'s what you wanted.

mrs_david_tennant2012.01.18 - 11:49AM1: Dark DaysSigned
O..M..G.. :O perhaps I'm hiding some latent psychotic sadism but, in some weird little way I liked this, but then hated it! How could anyone hurt my little 10. :'( But I loved reading it, real page turner. You're right, there was so much impact in those few, simple sentences! A part of me, at the beginning anyway, thought the woman was Rose...? but at the end, it obviously wasnt, as they had grey eyes and hers are brown. Very interesting read. :)

Author's Response: So glad you liked it! And I felt very similarly, while writing it. Part of it was oddly enjoyable, then I realized what I was writing, and my heart shattered!

Yeah, the woman definately isn\'t Rose. She\'s the antagonist from my most recent series, which is what these drabbles are from too. She does have a name, but she hasn\'t revealed it yet, by this point. Glad you liked this!

JennyLeigh2012.01.18 - 11:38AM1: Dark DaysSigned
Horrific. Absolutely horrific. I just can't seem to get enough of this series. I love it. I do hope you'll write more, because I think it's just the most amazing, heart-wrenching, hope-filled, angsty story. Brilliant.

Author's Response: I do have some more plans for this series, at some point, probably soon. But I\'m so, so glad you found this so emotional!

By Starlight2012.01.18 - 01:14AM1: Dark DaysSigned

Author's Response: Thanks!

pipkinsweetgrass2012.01.17 - 10:57PM1: Dark DaysSigned
Heart-wrenching and horrific...

Author's Response: I know...I depressed myself, writing these...but I just kept reminding myself that he does get away, in the end.

Fiction2012.01.17 - 10:51PM1: Dark DaysSigned
Awesome and heartbreaking glimpse in to the Doctor's captivity.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it!

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