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Reviews For Moving Forward

Hbee2012.05.15 - 05:41PM22: Chapter 21: ImmolationSigned
Oh god this story.
It's so good, but it hurts to read sometimes. Haha. Won't stop me from reading the rest, though! Excitedly!
And you didn't kill Mishell! (yet?)

Author's Response: So excited you\'re enjoying it (and that this story finally broke 100 reviews! it\'d been sitting at 99 forever!). Hope you like the next one! And yep, Mishell\'s still around as of this one! :)

dancingtimelady2011.11.29 - 02:25AM22: Chapter 21: ImmolationSigned
"Wherein we realize just what the woman meant when she told Rose that she wasn't going to kill her..."

Just your introduction put me on the edge of my seat.

And that Lady is evil in every sense of the word. Pure evil. Perfect bad guy! I would hate to be the Doctor, Rose, and Mishell right now. But the Doctor will think of something! ...right?

Author's Response: He\'s going to do his absolute best...

jolly_rogette2011.11.28 - 11:01PM22: Chapter 21: ImmolationSigned
AHHH! The cliffhangers are killing me! I do hope one of them comes up with a way out of all this mess, and soon. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Sorry about the cliffhangers. And...um...it might be a while before they get out of this particular mess...

A_Who_in_Whoville2011.11.28 - 08:23PM22: Chapter 21: ImmolationAnonymous
Your cliffies are killing me! Michell and Rose really could make a formidable team if they get a chance to overtake the guards.

The final scene just about broke my heart. Poor, poor Rose and Doctor.

Author's Response: Rose and Mishell are a great team, when they\'re not completely surrounded by armed soldiers. And if you think this cliffie is bad, wait for the next one...

Fiction2011.11.28 - 07:15PM22: Chapter 21: ImmolationSigned
That chick has gone past insane to deranged. Ah, cliffhanger! Eeee.

Author's Response: Cliffhangers are my specialty. As are deranged villains. Problem is, she\'s deranged and powerful...

JRG2011.11.28 - 06:50PM22: Chapter 21: ImmolationSigned
Please, please, please tell me the Doctor has a plan! These cliffhangers are killing me. Need more now! I can't believe that hypocritical nut just blew up a whole city full of innocent people.

Author's Response: Hypocritical nut is right!!! But one of the problems with crazy people is that they aren\'t always logical. In her mind, what she did was completely justified, whereas the Doctor is a killer. And sorry about the cliffhangers...

Author's Response: Also, in her mind, it\'s Rose\'s fault, not hers.

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