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TheLonelyCompanionn2014.02.01 - 11:40AM1: VisitationSigned
I'm going to skip all the domestic parental stuff and go to the part where Martha reunites with the TARDIS. Angry!Jack doesn't like me either.

Author's Response: Poor Angry!Jack. I guess he just goes without saying...

TheLonelyCompanionn2014.01.30 - 11:30AM1: VisitationSigned
Ahhhhhh, I love this so much. Perfectly in character. I think it's fine that they're acting like mother and son here, because when you're sick, the person you really want is your mom.

With your blessing, I might hole myself up in a room somewhere and see if the characters respond better to me than they did to you. The ending of this is great, but I want to see what happens next. :P First, though, I'm going to read the YTNW series, because I've put that off long enough.

Author's Response: Oh boy, have fun with that series. It\'s depressing in a whole different way. But I like it, despite the fact that I\'ve grown so much as a writer since I wrote it. Feel free to see if the characters decide to respond to you...I know WHAT would happen next (Jack breaks every speed limit and storms into the flat like an angry father, Martha runs interference as the Doctor does his best impression of a kicked puppy and a defiant teenager all at once...) but I felt like leaving it open for us to imagine Jack\'s reaction worked in this context. :)

So, yeah, enjoy the YTNW series!

RiverKentValley2013.10.26 - 06:17PM1: VisitationSigned
It's been just about 2 years since I last read this, and it's still great to read. I've probably said this before, but you capture the emotions of the characters so perfectly that the words come to life. I giggled like an idiot when I read Jack's text message to Martha; it's just really funny XD. Also, nothing is funnier than the Doctor acting like a 6 six year being scolded by his mother.

On a more somber note, you wrote The Doctor's attitude correctly; in that, he often times neglects himself. To the point that his Time Machine as to take things into her own figurative hands. (Loved that bit by the way.)

I do feel bad for The Doctor when Jack gets there... hopefully he'll be able to sleep in enough to avoid Jack's wrath. Is there a chapter 2 of this story? I'd love to read it!

I give this story a 5 out of 5!

Author's Response: There isn\'t a part 2...every time I tried to write one, it never rung true, and eventually I realized that the impending arrival of Jack was ending enough. We all know how Jack will react when he gets there, and so just hinting at his arrival is enough, I felt. Keeping it mostly about Martha and the Doctor\'s relationship felt right, since she pretty much says everything Jack will say.

So glad to know you\'re still reading this after all this time. If I ever do write a second chapter, I\'ll be sure to let you know.

silvanelf2013.06.04 - 03:16PM1: VisitationSigned
Aw, love this! I haven't read the preceding story, but this stands very well on its own. I could just so see the Doctor pulling the blanket over his head. :) I like how you write Martha too-very in character. I love your writing style, how you manage to whump the Doctor and display his childlike nature without making him seem weak or like an actual child. I think some fics go a bit too far with his his childlike aspects and as a result his characterization feels off. You strike the perfect balance. Now I'm off to read the preceding story, because clearly, I must read more of your excellent writing. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Balancing the Doctor\'s childlike nature with his age and ability is a difficult challenge, and I\'m glad you think I\'ve managed to strike that balance! :D

RiverKentValley2011.11.30 - 05:13PM1: VisitationSigned
This sequel to "The Year That Never Was" is brilliant! It's sad though, that when The Doctor is left alone to do whatever, he tends to not take care of himself. although, he would say otherwise. ("I'm Fine")

I Love the Text messages between Martha and Jack! It is truly hilarious, that Martha would tattle on The Doctor!

I love how The Doctor is covering his face like a little kids, with the blanket! It shows how Jack is willing to push The Doctor just enough to talk, but not to fair, where he will shut down.

Brilliant work!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! The Doctor is such a sad character, and I do think he would neglect himself when he\'s alone. When I was writing this, I definately got the overwhelming impression that the Doctor was like a little kid, and Martha was like his mum. Or maybe a big sister, tattling on him to Dad. And the TARDIS is like the watchful mother, protecting him and deciding when he needs help. They really are like a family!

HelenAnne2011.11.10 - 10:43PM1: VisitationSigned
Just recently rediscovered this story it deserves a sequel involving when Jack turns up. Loved re reading it. Hope the Doctor managed to get a good nights rest xx

Author's Response: I tried writing a sequel and struggled to get Jack right. But I\'ll keep trying. So happy that you enjoyed rereading it!!!

sadhappygirl2011.09.19 - 02:43PM1: VisitationSigned
Your lovely story just show me the reason why I adore Martha Jones so much...

Author's Response: I\'m so glad! My opinion of Martha has come a long way since I started writing about her. Now she\'s one of my all time favorite companions! Glad you liked it!!!

Bobsyeruncle2011.09.19 - 12:32PM1: VisitationSigned
Ahhhhhhh....don't know the symbol for happy tears, but ahhhhh. I probably should write something pithy and profound, but I all I can think of is how much I just loved this. Cookies for you.

Author's Response: THANKS!!! I loved writing it, so I\'m so glad you loved it! Thanks for the cookies! :D

Persiflage2011.09.19 - 11:09AM1: VisitationSigned
Think I'll have to go and read the YTNW series on the basis of this fic...

Author's Response: Oh, wow! I really hope you enjoy it!!!!

Author's Response: And thank you for reviewing! :)

pipkinsweetgrass2011.09.19 - 10:17AM1: VisitationSigned
I adore this verse you've created and was pleased to see a notification in my email about this. This was, as usual, excellent work. I love the emotive qualities and I adore your Martha, Doctor and Jack. Speaking of the latter...PLEASE!!! follow this up with a visit from Jack? Pleeeeeeeeze?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'\'m so glad you love my characters. I love them too, and am reluctant to let them go. I might indeed do a follow-up with Jack. :D

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