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Heather Snow2016.10.15 - 03:42PM4: HeroSigned
I love this. Time Lords & TARDISes being legends, and Jack not figuring it out at first was just great. Loved the little bit about bathrooms and how they change. Characterization was spot-on for all of them. And Jack's development was especially good.

ThankYouFiccers2016.07.29 - 10:05AM4: HeroSigned
This is my absolute favourite fic for this team, thank you so much for writing! (Also thank you for the recs to other fics for this group that you have mentioned in your notes and review replies- had fun with those too!). Its great to get inside everyone's heads and see how the relationships develops, and with such a great and clever plot too! The descriptions of the time distortions are particularly evocative, and the characterisation is so spot on while also creating something new in the pDoctor Dances space! Thank you again!

falconwing2015.10.13 - 10:48PM4: HeroSigned
My favorite Jack Harkness story. Your writing is superb, and I could see this made for film. The descriptions of warping time are so real and lifelike: I could picture it in 3D.

Midnight Kaito2015.09.24 - 03:23PM4: HeroSigned
I love this story. I especially love the theme of a character, especially Jack, finding out that "Oh Crap. I'm really travelling with a bloody Time Lord!?!". I always imagined his reaction and the other companions reactions to them suddenly being faced with a myth come true. The reactions have ranged from panic to out right disbelief. I think you've captured that very well. Do you have any other stories with a similar theme? or know of any stories with the theme?

I've actually read this story several times. It's only now that I've reviewed due to me finally figuring out how to review. Yep.

I hope for more great stories from you

Vigs2015.05.18 - 06:09AM4: HeroSigned
I really, really love this story. It's one I keep coming back to, this one and the sequel. The smallest touches, like Jack describing the alien nurse as "cute," are all spot-on. Excellent characterization AND really solid, thought-provoking science fiction--that's not something you find every day.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad I could manage all those things at once!

math_not_ink2014.05.03 - 10:32PM4: HeroSigned
I love following Jack's thought process. I think this is the best use of Jack I've ever read.

Author's Response: Thank you! (repeat post, but in case you didn\'t see it, or whatever, I don\'t know what I\'m doing with computers)

math_not_ink2014.05.03 - 10:32PM4: HeroSigned
I love following Jack's thought process. I think this is the best use of Jack I've ever read.

Author's Response: Thank you!

DocAwesome2014.02.04 - 02:16AM4: HeroSigned
Definitely the best fic I've ever read from Jack's POV. You really nailed the voice, making him salacious without being slashy. Also loved hearing fifty-first century fables about the Time Lords. Favorited!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Jack\'s POV was a fascinating one to write from, and one of the things I enjoyed most about working on this story.

GuesssWho2013.12.31 - 07:23PM4: HeroSigned
Poor Quenleil.

This should be on AO3, you know that?

Author's Response: I\'ve been thinking of setting up an account. I\'ll get on that.

Linnea2013.02.08 - 07:56PM4: HeroSigned

I love the voice you've created for Jack, both the content of what he says and the style in which he says it. Especially in the first chapter, his raconteur tendencies really come through. And his descriptions of Rose, and the Doctor, and their relationship, are spot-on.

I love how you give some texture to Jack's relationship with Algy, a very minor character, too: "He'd never been fucked by anyone who actually liked him, before . . . I just tried to enjoy him and make sure he knew I wasn't ashamed of him, and he drank it all down like he was dying of thirst." Jack had bigger-on-the-inside tendencies even before he met the Doctor.

All that, and cool futuristic science too. What more could you want?

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, I very much believe that Jack was bigger on the inside before he met the Doctor; he\'d just managed to convince himself otherwise. I\'m so glad the style worked for you, and everything seemed authentic!

Hbee2011.11.30 - 06:56PM4: HeroSigned

Author's Response: Thanks!

Shen2011.08.25 - 12:34PM4: HeroSigned
Fantastic job. This is great sci fi, with a wealth of shiny details and cool interpretations of Canon. Good Jack POV as well.

Author's Response: Thank you muchly!

Canaan2011.08.23 - 08:48PM4: HeroSigned
Everyone else seems to have already stolen all the words, but . . .

You don't tease gods. You tease friends.

Perfect. So few words for such great effect.

Wow. Wow. And did I mention, wow?

And I second those who recommend LJ. It's not that it's a great interface, it's that it's a great place to expose new people to your fic and meet like-minded individuals in a forum where you can actually talk back and forth with them. *g*

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Yeah, I think I\'m going to get on LJ. I\'ll update my profile with the address when I get it.

wmr2011.08.22 - 05:25PM4: HeroSigned
FYI, if you're interested:


Author's Response: Ooh, thanks! That\'s—I\'m not totally sure I deserve it, but that\'s a beautiful recommendation. Thank you!

sensiblecat2011.08.22 - 06:07AM4: HeroSigned
The powers that be, whatever they are, do not care and never will. Mercy costs, but casual cruelty is free. Good people die, bad people thrive. Ogres are real and more fearsome than you can imagine, but there are no heroes. If you think you've found one, he's just running a game. Believe me, I know.


Those few lines alone are enough to give me considerable food for thought. I was heartened, and chilled to the bone at the same time, by your amazing Doctor. You capture his essential alienness and his terrible power quite brilliantly.

But also you nail his playfulness - his delight when the penny finally dropped for Jack, and that despite his anger early in the day. That mercurial quality, those contradictions, are what make him the phenomenon he is.

I also really liked what you did with the Time War, showing the peculiar nature of its horror and how far beyond normal human conception that would be. You show Rose actively engaged in the learning process and knowing exactly how to help the Doctor, while knowing how little she really knows and when to keep silent.

This whole story is an incredible achievement. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! One of the things I love about the Doctor—all of him, really—is that he\'s simultaneously alien, terrifying, powerful, childlike, and kind.

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