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GuesssWho2013.12.31 - 07:20PM3: WarriorSigned
This is exactly how I imagined the Time War. Well done you!

(It's no wonder that people coughhithere8-yr-oldMastercough went mad, in a war like that. How could you even be sure you were real at that rate?)

Author's Response: Thank you! If war is hell, I suspect we don\'t even have a word for the Time War. When you think about it, the fact that (some of) the Time Lords cracked and tried to destroy the universe is . . . not forgivable, perhaps, but at least understandable. You can imagine reaching a point where the only thing that matters to you is making it all *go away,* whatever it takes.

Canaan2011.08.23 - 08:25PM3: WarriorSigned
It is possible that I overthink fictional physics on occasion.

It is never possible to overthink physics, fictional or otherwise. *g* I am so in love with the science you've got in here. From "acceleration" meaning something to physicists that means it's "already taken" to the biology around time shear and . . . are the lighting changes a Doppler shift? It's brilliant, it's all brilliant.

[/science geek]

Ahem. Sorry, got carried away there. Your chapter ending is, of course, magnificent. I know someone remarked on it already, but the build up, the tension, and the dialogue are just perfectly executed.

Author's Response: Yeah, the lighting changes are a Doppler shift. (And, as a bonus, they make the entire scene \"look\" more catastrophic.) And, thank you! The rough draft actually had no chapter breaks, but I *knew* there had to be one right there.

sensiblecat2011.08.22 - 05:55AM3: WarriorSigned
I'm not just gripped by your characters and where you go with them, but by your plot - the temporal distortions are truly terrifying and very well described in both their nature and their effects.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! (If enjoyed is the word for something like the temporal distortions, which it probably isn\'t.)

OtherMeWriter2011.08.21 - 11:02PM3: WarriorSigned
The time waves were crrrrreeepy and very well described. Love how Jack starts to put together the pieces and how boggled at the picture they come up with.

Author's Response: The idea for the time waves came from an Eighth Doctor Adventure. They were pretty creepy there, too, but I remember thinking, \"Well, yes, but an arm can\'t *actually* age faster than the rest of the body because what about blood flow?\" and then I started thinking about what the effects might be. And out of that came a rather horrifying idea. It is possible that I overthink fictional physics on occasion.

wmr2011.08.21 - 04:09PM3: WarriorSigned
This is really vivid writing, and you're doing a great job of showing how Jack really is bigger on the inside (even with an unreliable narrator, because he doesn't think that about himself) and how well he's gaining the Doctor's respect. All the little things he's noticing, too, and it's not yet adding up to the truth *g* (Ever read RobinC's Clues? I love, in that, the way the Doctor keeps dropping clues to his identity for Jack, and his amusement at how long it takes Jack to realise. Here, of course, the clues aren't deliberate, but it's still amusing that Jack's not putting it together. Though he can be excused since he thinks they're all going to die *g*).

Love your use of the classic I'll explain later. And that was a lovely visual of both the Doctor and Rose holding Jack's hands :)

Finally, I have to say that I'm thrilled at how fast you're uploading this!

Author's Response: Thanks! The truth is, I had this piece completed before I started uploading it. The delays have been for editing, last minute panicking about editing, and formatting.

Author's Response: Oh, and yes, I\'ve read \"Clues.\" (Had to go look it up to see which one it was, but it\'s awfully good.)

Yamx2011.08.21 - 02:36PM3: WarriorSigned
Wow, this is brilliant. The characterization, the word building, the prose - simply awesome. :)

And thank you for the shout out in chapter 2. I certainly don't think you're right that "Reaction" is better than this, but it's a very nice thing to say. :)

Eagerly waiting for more. I rarely read 1st person fics, but yours is too fantastic not to. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! And \"Reaction\" is really good, so we\'ll have to agree to disagree. :) Really, there are an awful lot of excellent fics set between the Doctor Dances and Boom Town. I\'m just following the parade, really. I like first person, although it stretches me a bit; I\'m quite delighted at the reviews saying, \"Well, normally I pass on first person fics, butó\"

MaryMatt2011.08.21 - 02:04PM3: WarriorSigned
Just found this... so glad I did! Amazing story line. Thanks for writing and posting! Love Jack's reactions... wait, did I say that?!

Author's Response: Glad you like it!

Tygerwolfe2011.08.21 - 01:37PM3: WarriorSigned
I've read all of the official books that were written for this period of Whovian history, and I have to tell you - what you've written here is better than most of them! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Oh, wow, thanks!

Allonym2011.08.21 - 01:20PM3: WarriorSigned
Wow - what a great description of the danger and Jack's reaction to it - you had my palms sweating for them. Love this story!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Mme_de_Pompadour2011.08.21 - 12:10PM3: WarriorSigned
"I'm not that kind of Doctor," the Doctor said.

The time storm staggered me, pushing me backwards two steps, leaving the Doctor at the very edge of the bubble. We were all definitely going to die.

The Doctor lifted the crowbar and bared his teeth. "I'm
this kind of Doctor."

He stepped through the membrane of our bubble, out into the storm.

God, I love Nine!

This is a fantastic story!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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