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Canaan2011.08.23 - 07:41PM2: StrangerSigned
You bring the fifty-first century, and it's beautiful. :-) Love Jack's ongoing thought processes, and the bit with the caterpillar--the subtle foreshadowing there is impressive.

Author's Response: Thank you!

sensiblecat2011.08.22 - 05:45AM2: StrangerSigned
Terrific character development - the breakfast conversation and their different reaction's to the Doctor's fury in particular (Nine always scared the hell out of me). Love the way you've thought through Jack's background and how different things like language and furniture would be - sounds obvious but a lot of writers don't bother doing it.

Author's Response: Thanks! Really, I doubt I can actually imagine what things will be like in the fifty-first century, but *Doctor Who* makes it a bit easier by decreeing that the human race hasn\'t changed unrecognizably.

OtherMeWriter2011.08.21 - 10:59PM2: StrangerSigned
I want a WyndO! Really like how Jack keeps intending to do one thing and then does the exact opposite. The Doctor really does have a knack of bringing that out in people and I loved the moment with the poor little worm.

Author's Response: I want a WyndO, too. I\'ve lived in apartments where I reeeally needed one. Yeah, the Doctor is a catalyst; he tends to bring out the best in the humans he travels with. Of course, they do the same for him.

CompletelyDifferent2011.08.21 - 08:51AM2: StrangerSigned
Absolutely wonderful! Its a real pleasure to see the development Jack had between the gas-mask zombies and Cardiff, even if there wasn't time in the actual show. You've perfectly captured all the characters. Lovely!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! It\'s a favorite theme of fic writers, I\'ve found, probably because the show did seem to leave such a gap.

Stina Whatever2011.08.21 - 08:06AM2: StrangerSigned
I love this story, you've captured Jack perfectly, I think.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Poetry2011.08.21 - 02:01AM2: StrangerSigned
You have no idea how much I squeed when I saw that you'd written a Jack-centric fic. I've really enjoyed your stories so far and Jack is my favorite character, so I knew it'd be a winning combination.

You've put so much thought into Jack's POV here; you have Jack notice exactly what he would notice - the value of the Doctor's possessions, the technical specs of his ship, the nature of the relationship between the Doctor and Rose, the Doctor's potential for danger. His background as a Time Agent and a conman colors every thought. That's how to use a first person POV effectively. Eagerly awaiting more, and if you have a LJ you should post this story to the betterwiththree comm! This would be a big hit over there.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I don\'t have a livejournal yet, but I\'m teetering on the edge of getting one. If I get one, I\'ll definitely post this there.

wmr2011.08.21 - 12:18AM2: StrangerSigned
Fascinating! So the Doctor didn't realise that Jack - despite knowing about Time Lords - hasn't realised that he's one? I really like that subtle hint at the end there.

Also, Jack talking to Rose, and Rose taking the opportunity to find out more about what TARDISes and Time Lords are - or were - supposed to be is also nicely done, and of course the Doctor's upset with both of them. Lovely contrast here, though, with Jack realising just how dangerous the Doctor could be (and wanting to protect Rose from him - already he's falling under their spell), while Rose just sees it as her best mate being upset again and needing some patience and understanding from her. That really sums the two of them up so far as their relationship with the Doctor's concerned, I think.

And I like, too, the Doctor's willingness to trust Jack, and making it explicit by telling Rose to stay close to him.

Very much looking forward to more. And wondering when the penny will drop for Jack. I've read plenty of Jack-finds-out stories, but they never cease to appeal to me - especially well-written ones :)

Author's Response: Well, Jack knows Time Lords as legendary beings. If he ever imagined encountering one, he probably expected the Time Lord to appear in a clap of thunder and annihilate enemies with a wave of his hand. He\'s handicapped by his preconceptions. And, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

Allonym2011.08.20 - 11:55PM2: StrangerSigned
Another great chapter - love the Wynd-O and other 51st century details. Rose and Jack's conversation was great - makes me hungry for more!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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