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kalirush2012.02.13 - 02:26PM1: TricksterSigned
Wait, I didn't review this? I just clicked to see what I had said about it, and apparently, nothing. I *loved* this fic. I guess I read it back in December, and it's still kicking around my brain. I love that there's action, I love the character study, I love your portrayal of Jack, I love the detail. It's clever and well-written and astonishing in places.

I am a desperate squealing fangirl for your fic, I'm afraid.

Author's Response: OMG I have fangirls! *g* Thank you so much! It\'s always a lovely feeling when I manage to write a story that works in multiple ways—as plotty action and a character study, for instance—and I\'m delighted by the positive response that this one got.

annariel2012.01.23 - 07:16PM1: TricksterSigned
Wonderfully, wonderfully written story. I enjoyed Jack's viewpoint so much here.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m fond of Jack\'s viewpoint myself.

Vilinye2011.12.14 - 02:46PM1: TricksterSigned
You did something even more amazing than the writing here--you made me like Jack Harkness. At best, I generally view him with sullen indifference. But something about this story made me sympathize with him.

Author's Response: Wow, that\'s *really* high praise. Thank you! That\'s one thing about first person POV, I think; while it\'s sometimes more difficult than close third, when it *works,* it makes you feel closer to the character than anything.

Pondering Amelia2011.12.12 - 07:47PM1: TricksterSigned
I loved the imagination in this, the crazy physics and new worlds, Jack's world brought to life, and also their characterizations. It's very rare to find a well written first person story here but I think you've done it. All that bravado of Jack's falls away under it and we see him naive, searching, insecure, and still brave as nails. I love how you show him using his conman arts for good, and how he uses his sex talk to defuse the conversation--and how strong he sees Rose being.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'ve discovered that I like writing in first person, and I also like characters who are a lot better than they think they are. Both can be challenging to pull off, so I\'m glad this worked.

LN292011.10.11 - 09:15PM1: TricksterSigned
Never seen Season 1 Jack given so much depth, and this is absolutely one of the best stories I've ever read on here, full stop. All three of them are wonderful, Jack especially, but what catches my attention is the Doctor. You have a grasp of his character that I've rarely ever seen written so well, and what I strive for, but rarely achieve. I hope someday I can write stories as good as yours, but until that day, I'll just keep pulling literal all-nighters reading your fics!

Author's Response: Wow, I\'m delighted you enjoyed it! I find the ninth Doctor hard to write, to tell the truth; it\'s tough to find a balance between canonically prickly and too harsh to be the hero. I\'m glad this one worked!

sensiblecat2011.08.22 - 05:29AM1: TricksterSigned
I don't think I've ever read a fic (and I've read a great many) that created a backstory and a voice for Jack so believably. I'm in awe of your talent.

Author's Response: Thank you! It\'s just that I really, really get into the worldbuilding, I think. (Enough so that it ocaaasionally becomes a problem in my original writing, because I\'d rather do fiddly details than plot—but that\'s neither here nor there.)

shadowsculptor2011.08.21 - 11:22PM1: TricksterSigned
This was wonderful!

Author's Response: Thanks!

OtherMeWriter2011.08.21 - 10:55PM1: TricksterSigned
I really love the way you have started this out!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Mme_de_Pompadour2011.08.21 - 12:37AM1: TricksterSigned
First person is hard to pull off effectively, and you are doing it brilliantly!

I love that Jack is all bluff and bluster and insecurity and teetering on the edge of discovery that will ultimately rock his world. And the love/protection/reverence vibe between Nine and Rose is spot on!

Looking forward to much more!

Author's Response: Thank you! First person may be hard to pull of effectively, but it\'s so much *fun* when it works!

RobinC2011.08.20 - 07:52PM1: TricksterSigned
Other people have already commented on some of the details that pleased me -- Algy, Pompeii -- but I have to add a "ditto". Jack-discovers-the-Doctor's-identity is my absolute favorite New Who trope, and I'm delighted that you're tackling it. You have the voices down just right, and I'm looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: I have to say, I adore the people-discovering-the-Doctor\'s-identity trope whether it\'s Jack or not. Glad you\'re enjoying it!

Allonym2011.08.20 - 07:44PM1: TricksterSigned
I adore how you've written Jack's voice, and the details really make this story (like how Jack was lying about Pompei, and the Doctor knew it). And, as other reviewers have said, your description of the power of the Doctor's voice is just chilling (and so true).

Can't wait to see how Jack reacts to learning it really is a TARDIS!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you. Yes, the Doctor can do scary and magnificent things with words; it seems to be one of his more enduring traits.

Canaan2011.08.20 - 07:13PM1: TricksterSigned
Nice start. I'm so glad to see that chapter two has posted already. :-) Your first-person Jack is entertaining, though it feels like you might have just a little settling to do in terms of getting a handle on the first-person voice. I love his descriptions of things, and the way you show them to us through his eyes.

I also think your language is lovely here. This, in particular, spoke to me:

I didn't recognize the name, or even the writing on the bottle–you can't really be an expert in all eras without a working uplink–but it tasted the way yellow caelia flowers smell and it felt like a slow-burning coal.

You've put a lot of thought into where Jack is from as well as putting a lot of description into where he is right now. Most authors manage one or the other, but seldom put such focus into both at the same time, and it works really well.

One quick thought--WMR is right, your last scene here is strongly reminiscent of Yamx's "Reaction." I had the exact same thought before I ever hit the reviews page and saw that she'd already mentioned it. It's mostly right around the scene change, at least the parts that strike me, but some of the similarities are positively eerie, even though I feel like you take them to a different place. Since it looks like you've read "Reaction," you might consider putting a quick hat-tip to her in your author's note, unless you've read a dozen different fics with the same business around Jack freaking out and throwing up, and I just haven't encountered any of them. (Always possible--I like my particular little corner of DW fandom, and tend not to stray from it). I know there has been a huge plagiarism flap around a particular author who made the poor choice of working with Jack Harkness lately, and while I don't personally think that applies to this scene, not everyone may agree with me. I would hate to see you get caught in the fringes of the ugly. Time spent dealing with ugliness is time you're not writing, and I have a decided interest in reading more of your writing. *g*

Oh, and I love Algy and the underwear, and how you managed to make him the tangible point Jack presents during his freak out. It really brought home the situation while showing us a side of your Jack that we hadn't seen yet.

Author's Response: Yeah, you\'re right. I wasn\'t actually thinking of \"Reaction\" when I wrote this—I can\'t remember whether I read it before or after I wrote that particular scene—but I should definitely say something about it. Not just because my fic is similar, but because it\'s very good in its own right.

Imorgen2011.08.20 - 06:13PM1: TricksterSigned
I have to admit that I'm usually wary of first person fics, but I've never read anyone give Jack a voice so perfect as you have. It was truly a delight to read. All I could think afterwards was, "Where's chapter 2?" Thank you so much for posting and I look forward to your updates.

Author's Response: I have to admit, I am developing something of a first person addiction; *Night Terrors* worked really well for me, so I had to try it again. And, I think I\'ve got Chapter Two edited just about to my satisfaction, so it\'ll be up shortly.

wmr2011.08.20 - 06:08PM1: TricksterSigned
Wow. This is just brilliant. I love how you get what's going on inside Jack's head, and I also love his analysis of the Doctor and Rose: Rose's naivete and compassion, the Doctor's controlled anger - and the way they both feel about each other.

This gave me chills:

In other words, because the Doctor talked to me, I nearly died a hero. That's not just dangerous. That's deadly. If you ever meet someone who can do that with words, and you don't trust them with your life and soul–and it's bone-deep stupid to trust anyone like that even if they're your mother and a canonized saint–

But believe me. Believe a conman on this one thing. If you ever meet someone like that. Just. Run.

It's very true, and yet people don't. Jack didn't, and even in his darkest hours I don't think he ever really regretted not running.

The final scene reminds me a lot of Yamx's Reaction, with the Doctor offering Jack a bit of rough comfort after Jack is sick. I love that the Doctor is there to help clean him up, and to reassure him that he did well, that he's not the useless waste of space that he thinks he is, and that he's got promise.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the story!

Author's Response: Oh, yeah, *Reaction* is a good one. Thanks for the comparison!

Tygerwolfe2011.08.20 - 05:42PM1: TricksterSigned
I love your characterization of Jack, here. And the way he talks about the Doctor's voice, it gives you chills. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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