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Reviews For Battered

TheLonelyCompanionn2014.02.02 - 03:02PM1: BatteredSigned
Wow. That was...interesting. Very interesting. And completely believable. The show lost something by not exploring Lucy Saxon a bit more, I think. Just because she's the definition of the gray area, so she's a bit hard to grasp. We could tell she wasn't happy, because (if I remember correctly) she never really smiled. But...maybe it was just me, but I didn't really understand her when I watched the show. This helped tremendously. Thanks!

Author's Response: She\'s an interesting character. I think the show had to read carefully due to the fact that it\'s a family show, and Lucy was so clearly in a not family-friendly situation. But the little they implied was chilling enough.

rocksngalad2013.01.22 - 07:07PM1: BatteredSigned
Really interesting look into Lucy's way of looking at the world.

Author's Response: Thanks! She\'s a very interesting character, isn\'t she?

Aldanon2011.07.05 - 07:30PM1: BatteredSigned
This entire series is so head-canon for me now. It's really just amazing. I normally hate reading Lucy Saxon fic, and you made her so very REAL that I ended up both empathizing with her and yet hating her a little bit more. Loved it so much. :)

Author's Response: I\'m so thrilled you liked it, especially if you hate Lucy Saxon fic normally. One of my biggest goals was to make her a real person, not black or white, but very, very grey. Just because a person is not evil doesn\'t mean that they are necessarily likeable. I\'m so glad you felt that in the story. And the fact that the series is in your head-canon makes me SO very happy!

pipkinsweetgrass2011.07.05 - 07:19PM1: BatteredSigned
Absolutely magnificent. I am just gobsmacked.

Author's Response: Aw, yay! That means SO much to me, and I\'m glad it had that effect on you!

Country Timelord2011.07.05 - 07:14PM1: BatteredSigned
This is so great. The Doctor would offer comfort to anyone and that's probably one of his best qualities. :) I'm glad you wrote it so well, and the fact that he doesn't hate the Master.

Author's Response: He really would comfort anyone, no matter what, and that\'s why we love him! Thanks for the review! :D

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