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Bobsyeruncle2011.06.30 - 12:16PM1: RestSigned
This is lovely as are your other recovery stories. I like how you deal with the fact that all of them, Martha, Jack, the Doctor, and the TARDIS were deeply wounded in different ways. No one really knows quite what Martha had to do to reveal herself to tell her stories. And thank you for acknowledging that Martha and Jack were mature enough to understand that their human family had very short lives and limited paths, and needed Jack and Martha more than the Doctor needed Jack and Martha. Jack and Martha could not become a substitute for Gallifrey and the Time Lords, and he didn't love them as he did Rose. And the Doctor has choices, he could stay and work on Earth if he wanted to, --he has before-- and help Jack and Martha with the recovery, but this is not his path. He's a mad man with his wondeful Box, so thank you for realizing that the TARDIS was wounded as well. There is no greater Companion , friend, and-- in a greater sense of the word than "Sex"-- lover than the Doctor's TARDIS; with her he would always go where he needed to be.

Author's Response: I definately think the TARDIS was just as wounded as the others. Especially because the rest of them were only kept prisoner for a year, but when the Master stole her, he took her back 18 months before the day he took control. So that is an entire year and a half she spent completely alone, seperated from the Doctor, and tortured, plus the Year she spent as a paradox machine (which, in my universe, also completely severed the bond between the Doctor and TARDIS). Martha and Jack are wonderful friends to him, and he desperately needs human companionship, especially right now, but they have their own families, and as you said, they cannot be substitutes for what he\'s lost. In the end, the TARDIS is all he has left of Gallifrey, and equally, he is all she has left of their home too. Technically, she is the last of her kind too, so that bond is more important than ever to them. As long as they have each other, they will never be truly alone. Thanks for the wonderful review!

ooloocat2011.06.29 - 03:54PM1: RestSigned
Really like this! You write so well, and it's always bothered me how Jack and Martha left the Doctor alone at such a rotten time. This helps justify it.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!!! I\'m glad I could help!

Olivethebreloom2011.06.29 - 03:23PM1: RestSigned
I liked this fanfic very much, the TARDIS's sapience is vastly underplayed, and "The Doctor's Wife" became one of my favorite episodes after it aired. Great job, I loved how the simplicity of the words she got to Jack spoke so much...

Author's Response: I love the way the TARDIS communicates, and I agree that the simple words speak so much more strongly than just sentences. In my opinion, the TARDIS is not only a full-fledged character on the show, but is also the Doctor\'s closest friend. Glad you liked it!

Quean of Swords2011.06.29 - 11:10AM1: RestSigned
Still very much enjoying this series. Keep 'em comin'! :D

Author's Response: I\'ll do my best! :D

pipkinsweetgrass2011.06.29 - 10:05AM1: RestSigned
I loved this! I have a theory that the TARDIS felt like a victim of sexual assault because she was utterly violated. And I agree, I think her sentience is underplayed. I also liked that you touched on a sore point with the show to me because it did seem cruel that he was left alone. He had to be horribly scarred from this experience in ways we can never know...these were Time Lords, after all, and a Time Lord would know best what to use as ammunition against one of his kind. I love the relationship between these three here. How could they not want to protect him? Yet, Jack is correct. And babying him would probably have done more damage than good in the long run. He can't afford to be too emotionally dependent on his companions...the Universe has shown him that far too often, even with Jack's immortality taken into account. As sure as the Doctor grew to depend on Jack too much, I'm sure the Universe would have done something awful. It had a habit of it, after all. (And maybe that's what happened with Children of Earth!) Thanks for a wonderful read. Got you on my faves!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I remember reading a little fic on here many years ago about how hurt the TARDIS was during the year, and it\'s resonated with me ever since, so I decided to put my own spin on it. I\'m really growing to love these three characters together, and trying to keep them all in character while also telling the story I want to tell is a challenge. The Doctor really is one of the most tragic characters, destined to always be alone in the end, because whenever he lets anyone get too close, the universe comes crashing down. (sometimes literally) Except for the TARDIS. As they said in \"The Doctor\'s Wife,\" it\'s always those two, long after the rest have gone. \"A boy and his box off to see the universe.\"

Country Timelord2011.06.29 - 09:51AM1: RestSigned
That was a really great ending, I'm glad that The Doctor, Jack, and Martha are having a bit of fun (as long as the Doctor doesn't get slapped again.) I'm loving the Doctor/TARDIS connection.

Love/Always/Mine that is so the TARDIS. She's a great ol' girl, I'm glad you treat more like a character than a machine. :)

Author's Response: Any time these three can have a bit of fun, it\'s always a good thing. Except when it ends in slaps, of course. ;) I adore the TARDIS, and I love trying to communicate her bond with the Doctor. After 700ish years, it has to be an incredible one, which was why I thought it was such a devastating idea for them to have been ripped apart during the Year. She\'ll always be there for him, and I think that is so sweet.

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