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TheLonelyCompanionn2014.02.03 - 07:25PM1: ScarsSigned
Also (I hit submit too quickly) I see what you borrowed from SbS. Crazy how much writing down that little story has changed your life on Teaspoon, huh?

Author's Response: It is crazy, and I\'m so, so glad I decided to go for it. I never expected it to catch on, or even to write a sequel for it, much less a whole \'verse. It all got started by me stuck in bed with a cold and wondering \'I wonder how badly I could physically injure the Doctor without killing him...\' (I was in a dark mood that day), and it\'s been an amazing ride ever since.

TheLonelyCompanionn2014.02.03 - 07:23PM1: ScarsSigned
Excuse me? she demanded, unable to hold back a smile of her own. Ill have you know, Mr. Smith, that Ive always been brilliant. When did you get wise enough to finally notice?

Basically the story of Martha's life, right there.

Author's Response: Pretty much. Poor Martha. But she ended up stronger in the end. <3

mmorgan3172011.07.23 - 09:43PM1: ScarsSigned
This was really good. I almost wish there was more to it but it's perfect as it is. I love how you show just how much Martha has grown in the year that never was and how you kept the Doctor IC despite the angsty-ness of the scene. Great job.

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m always torn about how much to write, how long these scenes should go on. But I\'m so glad you liked my characterizations, especially my angsty Doctor!

Country Timelord2011.06.18 - 06:51PM1: ScarsSigned
Oh poor Doctor, I can't imagine what kind of pain he must have put up with, and he still cared for the master after all of that. You wrote the connection between Martha and the Doctor so brilliantly.

Author's Response: Thanks! And that\'s one of the best things about the Doctor, isn\'t it? No matter how much pain he\'s in, how hurt he is, he still cares so much.

Aldanon2011.06.18 - 06:38PM1: ScarsSigned
This was really and truly amazing. I love how you've captured Martha's feelings for him, how they've changed and how they haven't. I love how strong she is and yet how compassionate she still is. So well characterized post-YTNW Martha. I love how the Doctor acts just like he would - brave face with all the pain buried underneath. I was teary-eyed pretty much the entire way through. I love it so much. :)

Author's Response: Oh, wow, thank you so much!!! That means a lot to me!!!

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