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Reviews For The Quiet Times

ciccigreen2012.11.08 - 10:54AM1: Chapter 1Signed
How can this only have two reviews? It's brilliant, and captures the DD relationship so perfectly (for me at least) and the ending... Don't get me started, my heart is breaking.

EllyF2011.11.07 - 01:03PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I loved this one. "Even his hair looks indignant" is a great line. Ten DOES have indignant hair:-). But I confess I wasn't expecting the ending. The first chapter was warm and sweet and fluffy, but from there the story gradually went more and more intense. I can imagine the Doctor missing her terribly, and thinking she wouldn't recognize him (after all, she didn't recognize him afterward in the series). But I hate to imagine how it would affect him once he realizes what he did to her. It's a very sad ending.

It's a lovely fic that builds nicely from friendship to something more, and the ending is really heartwrenching. There isn't nearly enough Doctor/Donna out there, and you write it very well. Thank you!

HighlyUnlikely2011.06.15 - 07:26PM1: Chapter 1Signed
The was absolutely heart-wrenching and beautiful. It could have easily gone a funny direction with Jack or Martha finding out about their arrangement. I wasn't expecting the ending. I suppose that he missed her so badly he took a chance and it went terribly wrong?

Very well done. Sad, but well done.

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