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Reviews For Alive

kayceein2012.10.22 - 03:55AM1: AliveSigned
Oh tears now! And you ended it at the perfect point.

timeywimey2011.10.31 - 09:19AM1: AliveSigned
You did a wonderful job with this fic. This was my favourite episode of season six, and a lot of that was just from the amazing chemistry between the Doctor and Idris, and their unique and beautiful (if not somewhat bizarre) relationship. I think you've captured the Doctor's grief and reactions in the aftermath of her death very realistically, and you write really well for Rory too. And yes, you're absolutely right, it's just perfect ending where it does :)

Lady Mercury2011.07.21 - 12:42PM1: AliveSigned
Aww, this is so sweet!

Author's Response: Thanks for thinking so :)

Olivethebreloom2011.05.22 - 11:02PM1: AliveSigned
Ah, I loved this so very much... The Doctor's sadness after Idris/TARDIS lost the ability to directly talk to him was so clearly evident in your fic. Good job.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the stroy. He was emotional for once, truly emotional without the \"Oh woe is me!\" feel I got from Ten, with a good, proper excuse to cry. And I loved it.

Bobsyeruncle2011.05.20 - 11:53AM1: AliveSigned
Oh, I'm happy I found this. This captured that moment afterwards perfectly. I don't think anyone could have moved me as much as Eleven in that moment. Wonderful job.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. Well, there was definitely a whole scene missing there, or so I thought. One minute Eleven\'s like \"I\'ll be over here crying.\" the next he\'s the mad man in a box again and going on about the greatness of bunk beds while saying that it is pain that makes us alive, or something (can\'t remember the words...)

mmgage2011.05.19 - 10:33AM1: AliveSigned
This was just lovely. How very very Rory to know the Doctor shouldn't be left alone, and to figure out he needed to be held.

Author's Response: Rory can\'t not be a nurse, can he? He\'s a caring person by nature.

Space Gandalf2011.05.19 - 12:33AM1: AliveSigned
You made me cry, darn it... Don't worry, that's good, that's really good... *snif*.

Author's Response: Well, at least the crying was of the good sort :) Glad you liked the story.

pippin2011.05.18 - 08:02PM1: AliveSigned
This is one of the reasons I like Rory,

Author's Response: I love Rory. It\'s reasons like this which are why the TARDIS named him the Pretty One.

die flow2011.05.18 - 07:14PM1: AliveSigned
You captured the emotions beautifully!

Author's Response: Thanks for thinking so!

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