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Gallifrey Immigrant2014.10.26 - 07:19PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is so sad...I want to write a fix fic for this, but I think that'd be missing the point. Bravo, great, heart-breaking story.

fanofromana2011.12.20 - 05:07AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh my gosh I love this! The first story I found when I went to this site and it's really good. Nice job.

Bobsyeruncle2011.06.30 - 01:40PM1: Chapter 1Signed
OMG, I thought I was the only one who thought the Time Lords were a mysogynist bunch. Wonderful job!

Daystar Searcher2011.05.08 - 10:10PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I love getting an even closer look at what each individual woman was thinking and feeling. One question: where is Leela in all this? Has she already died by this time, or are you not working with the version of canon where she's Romana's bodyguard?

Author's Response: yeeeees. i was working with that canon, and so there\'s really no excuse. i was about to argue that there\'s a bit at the beginning of the original that says leela was thrown off gallifrey, but it actually happens after romana\'s fall from power. i think, though it wasn\'t what i was thinking at the time (which is just that leela had gone, though i think on retrospect romana would have cared more if that had happened) that leela would have complicated things - as it was, the doctor complicated things and strung out the rani\'s story. it was really supposed to be about those three women who ended up in the tower, and although leela\'s story was equally valid, she wasn\'t one of those specially silenced by rassilon. that\'s not an excuse, though. the truth is i just assumed she wasn\'t there, even though brax was... on the other hand, flavia is there too, so perhaps it is a different version of canon. again - not an excuse though. glad you liked it anyway...

musedepandora2011.05.08 - 07:13PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Brilliant. Just brilliant. This is now my head-canon. -Muse

Author's Response: awesome. not so much for romana and co., but good to know :)

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