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Reviews For Challenging Tony

caracoleta072016.03.04 - 07:15AM1: Challenging TonySigned
Completely adorable
I loved the parts about what do Tylers and the Doctor attract

Author's Response: Tony is a smart little kid, and he's already got his world figured out. Trouble follows where Tylers and Doctors go, but the journey is well worth it. <3

Lousia2015.01.25 - 06:37AM1: Challenging TonySigned
Very cute, thanks :)

Author's Response: You\'re welcome!

Ravenclaw_in_a_TARDIS2014.02.09 - 06:55AM1: Challenging TonySigned
This one made me laugh out loud!!!

Author's Response: Glad to hear it!!!

Armaryllis2013.07.25 - 04:21PM1: Challenging TonySigned
Too cute plus I love how the doctor powned rose by mentioning how tony learned to say the name of the slitheen's planet faster than her.

Author's Response: Beaten by a toddler...doesn\'t get much more \"powned\" than that!

RiverKentValley2012.04.30 - 06:49PM1: Challenging TonySigned
This is such an adorable story! I love Tony, and his cute language! I love the image of John sitting on the floor with a toddler, and teaching him Aliens, and there noises. It's just too cute!

My favorite part: “Let’s put that to the test, shall we?” Rose countered. “Tony,” she said, and her brother turned his adoring gaze to her. “What does John attract?”

Tony only hesitated a moment.

“Big twouble!”

Pure Gold!

Author's Response: I adore little children, and the way they talk! And the \"big twouble\" just felt perfect to me. The thought of Rose and John helping raise little Tony is an adorable one, isn\'t it?

ninewood2011.03.28 - 12:34AM1: Challenging TonySigned
That was very cute. And, yeah, some kids are really smart. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!!

A_Who_in_Whoville2011.03.27 - 08:52PM1: Challenging TonyAnonymous
Oh that is too, TOO cute! You captured the way a little child talks so very well.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!!! I love how little kids talk, so it was so much fun to right.

Author's Response: *to write. I really have to reread what I\'ve written before I post it.

ThetaSigma2011.03.27 - 08:20PM1: Challenging TonySigned
Glad to see the kid's ready to work at Torchwood in the parallel universe already. Very funny story and well done.

Author's Response: Thanks!!! Glad you liked it!

silvercocoa2011.03.27 - 07:23PM1: Challenging TonySigned
I thought this was just adorable. I have a baby brother and sister myself, and I love listening to them. So this was a real treat to read, just because I relate.

As for the catchphrases... uh, the gas-mask people said "Mummy!" all the time... and I guess you could do "What do you do when you see the Vashta Nerada, Tony?" "Stay outta shadow!" or something. (Also could work with Weeping Angels.) But that's it.

...I can not get over how adorable this is.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, and thanks for the other catchphrases! I hadn\'t thought of them!

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