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Arimathea2012.01.03 - 09:54AM40: Chapter 28: To End All Wars, Part IV: Forlorn Hope IISigned
They had made contact.

Seriously? You're adding another plot device here? At this stage of the story?

Brilliant!!! The best story I've read on Teaspoon this year (2011). Gripping! I couldn't put it down! (And other such blurbs.)

Realistically, however, I generally find myself reading this one quite late at night - fewer interruptions, but with a few of the previous chapters tacked on as a reminder of the story so far . . .

But I do really like how the story has wound around itself and kept the reader guessing who the mysterious characters are and why the bizarre replays of time - and these things are all happening within the context of an increasingly complicated wider story.

Author's Response: I know! I know! But I swear to you, it\'ll tie in... I\'m pretty sure... There is an end coming, there really is, at least that\'s what I keep telling myself... (five chapters, I originally thought this was going to go five chapters... oy...)

moiety2011.12.22 - 01:54PM21: Chapter 17: Stormchaser part I - Storm WarningSigned
I am loving this story, but (at least in this universe) Don Henley didn't write 'Everybody Knows'...that's Leonard Cohen.

Author's Response: Yes, its all part of the subtle differances in alternate... ah, heck, I misquoted and it will be fixed soon. Thanks.

Celestialhost2011.10.28 - 04:48AM36: Chapter 27: To End All Wars, Part III - The Battle at Nazca Plain IVSigned
James Bondage!

Celestialhost2011.10.23 - 06:45AM35: Chapter 27: To End All Wars, Part III - The Battle at Nazca Plain IIISigned
Some very nasty fighting there.

Author's Response: Thanks. This is a war. Both outside the Fortress and inside...

Arimathea2011.10.14 - 11:14PM1: Chapter 1: Cold as IceSigned
Oh my! I'm trying to gather my thoughts to make a coherent ... whatsit. Review thing.

Where to start? Characterisation? Brilliant, each of the main chars is distinct and true to itself. Larger than life and OTT in the way of the old skool stories. Yeah!

LOVE, love, love the story arc! Everything keeps getting more convoluted for our heroes, and the more they try to set things right, the more things go awry. The reader is left (even at this late stage) with assumptions as to who the heroes/antagonists are, but no real proof. I'm really looking forward to the Scooby Doo-unmasking!

The only thing I'd like to point out is the comparative 'than' - as in 'better dead than Red' isn't spelt 'then'.

In all, a lovely, and very readable, piece of tragic farce. Or farcical tragedy. ...If I'm reading it correctly!

Author's Response: Well, ah, thank you much. I have tried to keep the Old Series feel as much as possible, even as I use more of the New Series characters. As to the editing errors, well, it is the peril of posting without reading over it, and I do apologize.

Celestialhost2011.10.09 - 06:05AM33: Chapter 27: To End All Wars, Part III - The Battle at Nazca Plain ISigned
That was fun.

Author's Response: Fun to write, too. Love a bit of action...

Celestialhost2011.10.02 - 03:29AM32: Chapter 26: To End All Wars, Part II - The Fortunes of War: ConsequencesSigned
I'm glad it's coming out a little more regularly at the moment.

Celestialhost2011.09.27 - 09:38AM30: Chapter 25: To End All Wars, Part I - Unto the Breech: The BesiegedSigned
Another chapter... Keep it coming

Author's Response: sorry about the delay, but I\'ve been sick for a couple of weeks... but we should be back on track now... \'should\'...

Celestialhost2011.08.24 - 01:47AM28: Chapter 24: To End All Wars - PrologueSigned
Magnus Greel finally shows up! Well done.

Author's Response: My favorite line from all of Doctor Who? Seriously? \"I was with the Filipino Army at the final advance on Reykjavik\". Hell yes, Magnus Greel.

Celestialhost2011.08.09 - 02:11AM26: Chapter 22: Stormchaser part V - Stormbreaker ISigned
I always look forward to the next chapter.

Celestialhost2011.07.30 - 06:29AM25: Chapter 21: Stormchaser part IV - Eye of the StormSigned
Marianna Faithless!

That was a well written chapter.

Celestialhost2011.07.16 - 05:35AM23: Chapter 19: Stormchaser part III - Storms of War: IngressSigned
I love that audio too. For some reason a lot of fans don't care for it. I can't see any real flaws in it. I enjoyed it much more than The One Doctor.

I hope you spotted the Angvia reference in 'Architects of Seduction.'

Celestialhost2011.07.15 - 03:34AM24: Chapter 20: Stormchaser part III - Storms of War: EgressSigned
Agent Penny Lane! You are having fun with the names. Were you thinking of anything specific with Amadeus Nazca?

I like the fact you have an Androgum (such a great idea from Robert Holmes), though I would have preferred him to be haughty and pompous like Shockeye. Shockeye's butchery is made all the more disturbing by his pretentions to be sophisiticated.

Celestialhost2011.07.15 - 03:21AM23: Chapter 19: Stormchaser part III - Storms of War: IngressSigned
I love the fact you have an Angvian in this. That Angvian queen in Bang-Bang-a-Boom was fantastic.

Thanks so much for putting Morgaine in this. Now my series really feels like canon!

Author's Response: Ha! The day I influence canon is the day \'Dr. Who\' is in a lot of trouble. And, yes, I have a love for \'Bang-Bang-a-Boom\' that borders on the obsessive...

Celestialhost2011.07.07 - 01:50AM22: Chapter 18: Stormchaser part II - StormfrontSigned
Gayle Mac? Very clever.

That was a great chapter. Looking forward to the next installment.

Author's Response: Ahh, I\'m glad people are picking up Ace\'s various aliases. I\'m kind of proud of it, but I can never tell when I\'m being clever, being silly or being both...

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