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Lousia2015.01.31 - 07:21AM15: EpilogueSigned
Good first story for this series. I like Marissa. It will be good to see The Doctor in more of a guardian role. Off to read more.

Author's Response: Wow...I\'m glad you like this so far. This was my first ever attempt at fanfiction, and it\'s amazing to see how far I\'ve come as a writer since I started. But I\'m glad you like it, and I\'m glad you like Marissa. I have a fondness for her even after all these years.

jon_noone2013.10.27 - 10:31AM1: Chapter 1: Spaceships ArriveSigned
love your "split-view" perspective, how we get both the doctors and marissa's perspective on the situation.
Love both the characters of marissa and your twelvth doctor.
nice balance betwene intro spective and stil keeping up with painting the full picture of all the things going on around them.
Fantastic work, can wait to read the rest of the series

Author's Response: Wow, it feels like forever since I wrote this...my writing style has evolved so much. Marissa and Twelve hold a special place in my heart, though of course canon has moved on. But I hope you enjoy their journey as much as I did!

10timelord4ever2011.12.26 - 04:21AM1: Chapter 1: Spaceships ArriveSigned
Is it alright to say that I'm totally obsessed with this series now?! Gosh, I could never write this! Awesome!!! I read Twelve again, and just starting reading this...and for a short chapter this was fairly enjoyable!!! :D

Author's Response: I\'m fine with you being obsessed! I\'m so happy someone likes this series so much! :D

mericat2011.09.23 - 10:55PM15: EpilogueSigned
Excellent story. In love with Marissa, how she has a backbone of steel and thinks before she acts. Good idea for the Doctor to be a Guardian, father figure. I like it a lot.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It\'s so exciting to have a new reader for this series! And I\'m glad someone loves Marissa! :D

mericat2011.09.23 - 08:38PM4: Chapter 4: Going Into HidingSigned
Loving the action and the characters. Twelve is definitely more concise than either 10 or 11 and more en pointe as was 10 most of the time.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! I\'m glad you\'re liking Twelve, and that he\'s a bit different from 10 and 11, which was one of my main goals.

twenty_three2010.12.16 - 09:30PM1: Chapter 1: Spaceships ArriveSigned
This is gear:) it's so fresh to have a new Doctor about. Excellent concept:)

Author's Response: glad you liked it!!! Thanks so much for the review! :D

mrs_david_tennant2010.12.01 - 04:18PM5: Chapter 5: RevelationsSigned
This is really, really good, and i love the idea of having 12th doctor incarnation. You are actually one of the very few writers that has kept my attention to read all these chapters, cos basically if the story gets too long, or it just doesnt get my attention fast enough, i just turn off (i got a short attention span) really good, cant wait for the next chapter. lol :)

Author's Response: thank you so much! I\'m so glad you like it! Hopefully I can keep the chapters coming for you! :)

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