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Yowza2016.06.10 - 09:20AM10: Doctor #10Signed
What a wonderful set of stories! I enjoyed reading them all and enjoyed the variety of situations. I liked how you revisited one place and still manage to keep each reason for nakedness unique. Brilliant! :)

WolfScribe2013.08.17 - 07:37PM10: Doctor #10Signed
Outrageous! A 400 year old man that ISN'T dangly??? At what age DO Gallifreyan males become dangly? Or do they become dangly AT ALL?

Filthy inquiring minds demand to know!

Actually, this was pretty darned funny. I really felt sorry for Liz, when she realized that she had to leave UNIT, for the sake of the Brig's marriage. Which didn't last that long as I recall. Every single one of these was funny.

Could you do one where Roger Delgado's Master ends up in the nude? He's my favorite Master (and that sounded just fine in my head, but when typed up it looks weird.)

Author's Response: Thank you! Let\'s say dangling is a human burden! Lucky Time Lords... As for Delgado, I dunno, I kinda want him to keep his clothes ON.

Astellya2012.08.14 - 11:58AM10: Doctor #10Signed
That was absolutely brilliant! Hysterical the whole way through.

Author's Response: Thank you! You\'ve made my day.

Raksha2011.10.02 - 01:23AM10: Doctor #10Signed
This was absolutely delightful! What a fun collection of stories! I really liked how you came up with such a wide range of scenarios, and brought it full circle at the end. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I had a really good time writing these, I\'m glad you enjoyed them.

paranoidangel2011.09.17 - 04:42AM10: Doctor #10Signed
Also here via calufrax and I really enjoyed this. I like the combination of Eight and Benton, Tegan getting a massage and Adric sulking, and Ten ending up in the same place One was. Each story was funny and touching.

Author's Response: Bah, Teaspoon ate my first response. Anyway, thank you so much! I had a great time writing this and I\'m happy you enjoyed it.

ClocketPatch2011.09.14 - 02:07AM10: Doctor #10Signed
Oh my goodness I've just stayed up far, far too late reading and laughing and loving these amazing stories. Each one is so different and they're all so well done I don't even know where to start laying my admiration. The Doctor voices were just spot on throughout and I loved the way you skipped between what was happening and the POV character's thoughts. I love how you made me grin while really getting into the character's heads and occasionally going to some pretty dark places. I loved how every story went somewhere completely different and unexpected. Liz coming to a decision. Adric in a towel. Cliff and Jo experiencing the finer points of marital bliss (and Nine off to do something dangerous and everything unspoken). The chapter with Mel made me tear up a bit towards the end.

I'm here from Calufrax and I wasn't sure if I was going to read or not because I was expecting something pretty different from the summary, but boy am I glad I did. This is going on the list of favourite fandom things ever and has made me want to write more myself. Thanks so much for writing and sharing this wonderful dangly thing!

Author's Response: We\'re both up too early, it\'s 5:22am here and I have to go to work. WAH! But your review started my day off beautifully, thank you! I didn\'t even know it was on Calufrax. Now I\'m stoked and I can\'t wait to read more WHO from you.

TelegramSam2011.02.01 - 10:44PM10: Doctor #10Signed
I'm up past my bedtime but I can't stop laughing! Thanks for the cute stories, they are wonderful(ly silly!) MORE! MORE! XD

Author's Response: Hee! Thank you. As for MORE, I\'m slowly working on something so watch this space.

bubblewrap2010.09.15 - 03:07PM10: Doctor #10Signed
Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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