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Daystar Searcher2011.07.25 - 02:41PM4: Doctor #4Signed
Oh, this is FANTASTIC. First of all, I love how it begins and ends in the same place, showing how both the setting and the Doctor have changed over time. I like how you bent eras to have Benton meet up with Eight, and Nine with Jo (kudos on making Cliff sympathetic without erasing some of his more irritating qualities), and the passage with Six was unexpectedly tender. My favorite chapters were with Three, Four, and Seven--you captured the Doctor's and their companions perfectly. I loved seeing Liz's emotional journey through the space of those few minutes, Ace was...well, wonderfully Ace in her handling of the situation (and the Doctor's last line was such a Seven thing to say!), and the Four and Sarah Jane...wonderful. Of *course* Sarah Jane would have issues with telepaths, of *course* she would be wary of letting her guard down. There was such a masterful blend of trust and fear in that chapter; I really got a sense of how much all that previous hypnotism she suffered had affected her. In a way it felt something like a sexual assault victim taking off all her clothes in front of someone, and realizing that doing that was okay and possible because that person could be trusted...aaaah, all full of thinky thoughts and plot bunnies now. Thanks!

Author's Response: WOO! We have a Mutual Admiration Society going on. I\'m glad it all worked for you and I\'m REALLY glad it inspired you. Thanks so much for the in-depth review. I\'m tickled to pieces you understood what I meant with Liz, Ace, Cliff and Sarah Jane. I love to insinuate Deep Issues in my lighter fic. Thanks again!

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