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WhiteOnRice2012.04.24 - 09:52PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh, dear lord. I am so very close to tears right now. That was really beautiful, and even though it made me so sad, it was a great read.

Poesparakeet2010.09.06 - 01:32PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I really likfed these. Ane I wouldn't call them angsty, per se... Well, except that last one. Did that happen in the series? I seem to have repressed it. *Covers Ears* lalala...
Anyways, I especially enjoyed 3 and 4. The softness of the writing in 3 really gave the scene character, portraying sleepy!Ianto and Mischevious!Jack in alid-back early-mornign light. I particularly enjoyed your use of the word "snuffled"- not an easy one to use well. I also think that your lack of description of Ianto during Jack's tickle-spot hunt really helped portray the stillness of the setting they are playing in. #4 was just gripping emotionally.

Author's Response: Thank you. :) You nailed the feelings I wanted to create in #3 so I\'m thrilled! I\'m so happy you enjoyed it.

thewelshscotsman2010.06.08 - 09:24AM1: Chapter 1Signed
beautiful. really; shivers down my spine. such different interpretations of classic events:) saying that, i was a bit thick and got to the exit wounds one and thought that was your c of e one set after day two then i read your c of e one and i was like bu...bu...wah!!! love it really:)

Author's Response: They were all a touch angsty, weren\'t they? Easy to confuse. :) I\'m so glad you liked them, though. Thanks for reading!

kerriangel2010.06.08 - 06:51AM1: Chapter 1Signed
stop with the COE please. it hurts too much

Author's Response: Sorry! :( I have this overwhelming need to make that horrid word mean something. *hugs you*

loewchen2010.06.08 - 05:01AM1: Chapter 1Signed
*wipes tears away*

that's so astonishing... so touching... so sad and yet so beautiful!

What a brilliant idea - heartbreaking, but brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks, hon! *hugs* I\'m so pleased you liked it. :)

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