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Reviews For To Dream a Life

ThroughanAmberFocus2010.07.18 - 09:33AM10: Chapter 7Signed
Such an unexpected twist to the story! I like your take on making it different from the original.

Author's Response: That\'s why I didn\'t write my version earlier. I wanted it to be recognisable but not a poor version of the original. With that I wouldn\'t do anyone justice -- not the characters, nor the original version (which I adore), nor my own expectations.

holidayrain2010.07.11 - 12:21PM10: Chapter 7Signed
Poor Rose! At least she's alive! I too am handing over my trust to you! Which doesn't happen often cos as a wise man once said, "Trust No1, Mister Mulder!" haha Still loving this and can't wait to read next chapter! xx

Author's Response: But i\'m not some shady government agency or a shifty alien ;) I just love telling stories and I admit I demand quite a bit of trust from my esteemed faithful readers but... but... I wouldn\'t break them.

missthepinstripes2010.07.10 - 10:21AM10: Chapter 7Signed
Okay okay.... i'll trust you because really really you wouldn't kill her off permanantly would you??? I mean theres a happy end in sight.... (well im gonna keep telling myself that anyway.) So yup heres me passing over my trust to you....

Author's Response: Thank you. I love the adverb \"permanently\" in this context.

converse_universe2010.07.10 - 08:40AM10: Chapter 7Signed
Ohhhhh!!! She can't die! I mean...she can but. Nooo please don't do it!

Author's Response: Hm. There\'s no warning about a character death and it will stay that way.

KatieTennant2010.07.09 - 05:35PM10: Chapter 7Signed
Gahh! How could you?! I'm hoping that she'll make it through and then the family will come and the Doctor will come back... :D and THEN just to finish off, he'll save her! Yeah, yeah?

Author's Response: No. Sorry. That would be too predictable and unexciting to read, right?

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