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Reviews For To Dream a Life

Angelbev212010.05.31 - 10:27AM4: Chapter 3Signed
You're eloquence and angst shone brilliantly in that last chapter, once they both took the plunge. I could almost see the hole in John's soul when he woke up and found she wasn't there. It's what you don't do or say that tells the story and you covered that ground excellently. Rose proved she's only human and like Eve, couldn't help herself to take a bite from that gorgeous apple of a man, John (Doctor). Donna will have to deal with heck of amount of aftermath, but I think she'll be extremely instrumental in both Rose's and the Doctor's healing, but then again, what do I know? We still have to deal with the Family of Blood (shudder!) and I'm just along for the ride. I really huggles you!

Author's Response: It\'s awful for everyone, but the healing is fast in this case. They need to be strong because they still have the Family to deal with, and that will take up the second part of the story. I\'m glad you enjoy this so much.

Cmlindst2010.05.29 - 04:22PM4: Chapter 3Signed
I adore this story, I'm dying to see what comes next. I'm a little in love with John Smith myself, poor Rose.

Author's Response: :) Aren\'t we all.

Emily Taylor2010.05.29 - 05:09AM4: Chapter 3Signed
I love what you did with that beating situation with Tim. The Doctors thoughts about violence was quite near the surface, which is what I prefer, than in the episode. I'd like to think that it's intrinsic to him no matter what, and that he'd actively act on it. And poor Donna, she's quite torn here, isn't she? Next Friday isn't soon enough.

I actually read your fics from your LJ account but I can't comment there because I have no account myself. So I tried to look for you here so I can review (if you call these things I write review) your work.

Author's Response: I think exactly the same way about John\'s attitude towards violence. It\'s good to see that I\'m not the only one who thinks that. Things will get even worse for Donna in the chapters to come. I think you can leave a comment anonymously on LJ. But here\'s fine, of course. Not many people stop to leave me a review/comment here. Feel free to email me :)

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