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Reviews For Suspended Sentence

etaureau2012.03.09 - 01:43PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is real coincidence that I found this series today. I was reading the Doctor Who novel "Who Killed Kennedy" which features Dodo.

Poor Dodo. She has 20 years to wait until the Doctor returns to take her child. Taken away from her lover and knowing that she was going to lose her child. It's like a fairy tale: she and her child survive, but the child is taken by the "monster" in return for the favor. I am assuming that Ten is really acting like himself as the Time Lord Victorious in this story, not taking anyone else's opinion just so that he can have a companion. It's even suprising that he is giving Dodo 20 years of linear time with her child. So sad for her.

Author's Response: I think he made sure to keep her alive not for any consideration of how she\'d feel, but so he can prove he\'s beaten Time, which wants her dead.

Primsong2010.05.01 - 12:38PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Yoiks, that was almost creepy - sort of a 'grow your own' approach that dumped poor old Dodo just as quickly as last time. Nicely played out!

Author's Response: Only almost?

vvj52010.05.01 - 08:04AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Eek. Hah, no wonder it wouldn't fit in a drabble! Poor Dodo. Mind, now that we don't have to bow before the NAs, I deny that reality anyway... :lol: It's a great ficlet though.

Author's Response: Among other things, this was a fixit for that particular NA. Though the cure may be worse than the malady :-)

pippin2010.04.30 - 10:32PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Even goes for them before they are born, LOL!

Author's Response: Well, this one wouldn\'t have been born, so he didn\'t have much choice.

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