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Reviews For Fussy

DoctorTenFan2013.11.17 - 08:55AM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
That was great! Thank you for posting. When I started reading, I thought it was going to be a re-write of the food scene with 11th Doctor and little Amelia Pond. I was happily surprised that is was something completely new. I laughed so hard, especially about the part with the trans-dimensional napkin. Thanks, again.

RoseByAnyOtherName2013.11.16 - 10:27PM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
Cute, and I don't usually go for Amy and 11 pairings. Nicely done though, I love that the Doctor is all put out by his new eating habits. ;-)

Strax2013.11.15 - 01:38PM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
Haha that was a cute story

betawho2013.11.07 - 11:15AM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
“Amy - who was possibly the least fussy companion he'd ever had”

You know, I never thought about that, but that sounds so true. I could see that about her.

"So we'll pack a lunch for you."

"Pack a - you're missing the point!"

LOL!!!! I can so hear him saying that!

“TARDISes weren't supposed to laugh at their Time Lords, but the Doctor was pretty certain there was something distinctly giggly in his TARDIS's thrum just then.”


“Amy rolled her eyes. "Oh good. That makes me feel better.”

Lol! The eternal Companion’s reaction to the Doctors “plans.” :D

“The waiter snatched it away and held it protectively against his chest.”

Hah! An affronted French waiter. I love it, that was perfect!

I laughed and smiled all the way through. Thank you.

dbskyler2013.11.07 - 10:40AM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
Here from Calufrax, and I love this! Poor Eleven, having to battle both Daleks and evil seeds in his jam!

Olivethebreloom2011.05.27 - 12:42AM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
"Seeds are evil."

Okay, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.
...And not just because it is 1:00 Am.

Quean of Swords2010.11.26 - 08:06PM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
This had me giggling the whole way through. Love it! Poor Pierre! Lol!

Lady Mercury2010.06.05 - 09:57PM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
Very cute.

Prairie Dawn2010.04.09 - 03:04PM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
The boy child (aged 10), henceforth to be referred to as Proginoskes, confirms that you have captured the misery of nonfunctioning taste buds to perfection, and says if it really is that bad for him, he might be better off regenerating.

Prairie Dawn2010.04.09 - 02:51PM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
My son and I can both totally relate. When I hit puberty my sense of taste changed radically overnight. I lost chocolate, and cheese, and didn't get them bck for years. With my son it was a taste bud deadening medication that made him loathe anything not extremely strongly flavored. He lived on greek olives, hot sauce, sour candies. You've really captured the frustration of not being able to enjoy previous pleasures.

On another note, the Doctor seems to have picked up a touch of SID. I wonder if he's also having trouble with itchy pants, socks with seams, sticky hands...

eve112010.04.08 - 06:49PM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
A ha ha ha! That was fantastic. Love your character voices too. We've not seen much of Amy and eleven but you made them completely believable in the context of the first episode too :D

Fricative2010.04.08 - 05:36PM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
Ha! I'm so glad someone is doing some nice reaction fics to season 5 - I've been craving them and this hit the spot.

... no pun intended. As a big fan of fancy foods and fine dining, I laughed out loud at him ordering everything "wrong" in the french restaurant. It would be a nightmare to wake up a fussy eater!

(oh my, and now that I look at your profile I see that you've written every single one of the 11 fics I love so much... I didn't realize! I owe you one for stepping up w/ great 11 fic.)

teleen2010.04.08 - 01:28PM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
When my cousin was little, he would eat bananas (interestingly enough), hot dogs, toast and... that's about it. My aunt had to give him vitamins and all sorts of other stuff to keep him healthy. I've been picky, but not *that* picky, :)

Thanks for writing!

pippin2010.04.08 - 12:18PM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
Oh! Brother!

Eclectic Muse2010.04.08 - 10:51AM1: Chapter 1/1Signed
Hilarious! I really liked this, I think you have their voice and their banter down pat. I especially liked this:

When we were kids, Rory wouldn't eat anything that had touched anything else on his plate.

Hell, I knew a guy like that in COLLEGE.

A+, hope to see you write more of Eleven, Amy and Rory!

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