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stellastars2010.04.23 - 10:09PM1: Bush Tucker TrialSigned
LOL. I've no idea who Ant and Dec are (and consider myself fortunate to be ignorant of them) but am familiar enough with the show's premise to find this double-drabble very amusing. Poor Johnny!

(Also, I totally agree with Ten's sentiments regarding reality tv!)

Author's Response: Yes, it is the work of the devil (and leads to Doctor Who being scheduled in all sorts of weird Saturday-evening slots)! Very glad that you enjoyed this, and thanks very much for reading. And yes, you are not missing much for not being familiar with Messrs Donnelly and McPartlin...

ClocketPatch2010.04.14 - 04:46AM1: Bush Tucker TrialSigned
*snickers* No clue who Ant and Dec are, but the Doctor's rambling explanation of who he's a friend of and mournful 'but I was going to abduct you...' is hilarious. Reality TV, poor Ian and Barbara...

Author's Response: The shame...I just hope neither of them lived to see it... And you should probably count yourself lucky on the Ant and Dec front... And it\'s strange, but writing about Ten is now like historical ficcing...very weird feeling... ;D Anyway, thanks for reading this, and I\'m very glad that it amused you.

vvj52010.04.08 - 12:37PM1: Bush Tucker TrialSigned
Oh dear, oh dear....

Author's Response: Oh dear... ;D I dunno what my fascination with Mr Chess is, him being a particularly daft idea for a character and everything, but anyway... Thanks for reading!

Persiflage2010.04.07 - 11:22PM1: Bush Tucker TrialSigned
Oh dear gods! In his shoes, I'd have broken my contract as hard as possible (thinking running away with the Doctor in the TARDIS would definitely count!)

Author's Response: Me too! Some people just need to get a sense of perspective, I suppose... Thanks for reading!

kateydidnt2010.04.07 - 05:39PM1: Bush Tucker TrialSigned
lol-not familiar with Ant and Dec-but I get the implication clear enough. Fun!

Author's Response: Thanks! Lucky you! I\'m glad you enjoyed it, anyway. :D

crytears2010.04.07 - 03:36PM1: Bush Tucker TrialSigned
Win! :D

Author's Response: Thank you very much indeed!

Village_Mystic2010.04.07 - 03:19PM1: Bush Tucker TrialSigned
This is fun. Don't know the hosts, but they did try to do a version of this concept in the US.

Author's Response: I hope it didn\'t prove as worryingly popular as it did over here... Thanks for reading, and I\'m very glad you enjoyed it.

kerriangel2010.04.07 - 03:18PM1: Bush Tucker TrialSigned
oh no! not Ant and Dec!!! run!!! i remember they're cheesy pop carrer and their awesome presenting of SMTV on a Satudrday morning!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, back in the days when they were still known as PJ and Duncan... But yes, you can see why the Doctor might make a hasty exit. ;D Thanks for reading!

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