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Reviews For Success

kateydidnt2010.04.07 - 05:42PM1: Chapter 1Signed
*snort* Success! finally.lol

Author's Response: Yep, finally! :D

Pitry2010.04.05 - 11:58AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Snort! And yet, I can so see this happening. Even if they ARE grounded.

Author's Response: If it doesn\'t happen at some point, there is no justice in the Whoniverse. : )

ClocketPatch2010.03.28 - 11:50PM1: Chapter 1Signed
LOL Sneaky Ten.

Author's Response: Sneaky Ten indeed!

LostRose2010.03.28 - 03:14PM1: Chapter 1Signed
LOL, at least Ten's timing seems to have improved. I love Luke's line! Classic!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

ninewood2010.03.19 - 11:13PM1: Chapter 1Signed
LOL! Sneaky! :)

Author's Response: Glad this made you laugh! : )

kerriangel2010.03.19 - 04:58PM1: Chapter 1Signed
be careful boys we all know what Sarah jane's like

Author's Response: So does the Doctor, but he did it anyway! He does like to live dangerously, doesn\'t he? : )

vvj52010.03.19 - 04:41PM1: Chapter 1Signed
:lol: Oh dear, oh dear...

Author's Response: Yes, Luke might be in trouble, but I think the Doctor might be in more trouble. : )

pippin2010.03.19 - 03:56PM1: Chapter 1Signed

Author's Response: Hey, nothing wrong with being sneaky! : )

Prairie Dawn2010.03.19 - 03:28PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh that is terrific! It's a good thing the Doctor's aim is improving. Or maybe it's the TARDIS's aim...we all know who's really in charge.

Author's Response: Maybe Luke helped steer? I\'m glad you liked it!

AyeshieTennant2010.03.19 - 02:56PM1: Chapter 1Signed
LOL wish the Doctor would come and do this to me!

Author's Response: Don\'t we all! *looks around hopefully for a TARDIS*

perception_filter2010.03.19 - 01:58PM1: Chapter 1Signed
As if Sarah-Jane wouldn't find out! I doubt the Doctor is the best influence for impressionable children either. *Giggles*

Author's Response: I have a feeling she might know already . . .

Persiflage2010.03.19 - 01:43PM1: Chapter 1Signed
*sniggers* I heartily approve of Ten taking the kids off for a trip one at a time - sneakiness FTW!

Author's Response: Well, the direct method hasn\'t been working for him . . . ; )

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