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Reviews For Brave Heart?

Pitry2010.04.05 - 11:51AM1: Chapter 1Signed
...This could only have been better had she kicked him too. Go Tegan! :)

Author's Response: When Primsong created this series, my first thought was, \"He better not try that with Tegan!\" And then of course I had to write it. : )

Grimley Fieendish2010.03.25 - 05:57PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Why do I get the feeling that a younger Tegan, in this situation, would first stomp on The Doctor's foot extremely hard, then knee him in the groin, then take her shoe off to give him a "good shoeing"...?
Maybe age is slowing her reflexes down, or has she mellowed with time...?

Author's Response: Maybe she wanted to go \"easy\" on him for old times\' sake? ; ) I think she\'d have done all of that -- and more -- if he\'d stuck around any longer!

Persiflage2010.03.18 - 01:45AM1: Chapter 1Signed

Author's Response: :D

Primsong2010.03.17 - 10:44PM1: Chapter 1Signed
As a protective momma-bear, Tegan would be quite fearsome.

Author's Response: She\'s definitely one of the scarier companions to cross!

DWIndy2010.03.17 - 10:21PM1: Chapter 1Signed
The poor guy. At the rate he's going, he'll end up regenerating when one of the former companions decides to strangle him. I'm surprised Tegan didn't!

Author's Response: Yeah, I think he pretty quickly figured out that he better get out of there fast! The Doctor\'s brave, but he\'s not stupid . . . ; )

pippin2010.03.17 - 07:08PM1: Chapter 1Signed
He just can't win! can he?

Author's Response: No, poor Doctor . . . :D

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