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Reviews For Savage Re Dux

Daystar Searcher2011.01.15 - 04:27PM1: But I only wanted OneSigned
Bahahahahaha, awesome. You know Leela would totally react like this. :)

Author's Response: She would! He never stood a chance.

Magnus Greel2010.10.04 - 06:38AM1: But I only wanted OneSigned
Should I comment if I can't quite follow? I think I've been pretty uncomprehending in general tonight. I'm not quite sure what his designs on Leela's daughter were, but I LOLed at: "Only one!"

Author's Response: She didn\'t strike me as someone who would go at anything halfway. ;-D

Spring2010.03.22 - 07:15PM1: But I only wanted OneSigned
Well, if you're going to steal, steal the best!

Author's Response: You got it! Top quality, that. ;-)

pippin2010.03.17 - 04:40PM1: But I only wanted OneSigned
Thought she and her family died on Gallifrey. well, I guess she could have escaped before it was destroyed. Lot's a' luck Ten!

Author's Response: Hence the \"AU\" bit - She\'s enjoying a nice bit of brood-raising with her Andred here.

ImagineNomieX2010.03.17 - 02:45PM1: But I only wanted OneSigned
clever :)

Author's Response: Hee... thanks!

Persiflage2010.03.17 - 01:40PM1: But I only wanted OneSigned

Author's Response: I\'d love to see another companion like Leela someday, she was so unique and you couldn\'t pull any punches with her.

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