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Reviews For Bewaaare

Pitry2010.04.05 - 11:49AM1: Now that's not FairSigned
Poor, misunderstood Doctor... NOT! Good for Liz! :D

Author's Response: He never did stand a chance against her, you know it.

Spring2010.03.22 - 07:04PM1: Now that's not FairSigned
I was surprised at the end! I love this idea for the Brigadier.

Author's Response: There\'s a surprising number of Liz/Brig shippers out there, they seemed well matched somehow.

Brunhilde2010.03.17 - 06:10PM1: Now that's not FairSigned
Just to add...Doris is SO not canon.... I'm pretty sure she was either a mass hallucination or Doris is the Brig's nickname for Liz and they recast her in Battlefield. Really...I make perfect sense here....

Author's Response: Hey, we all knew Liz\'s middle name was Doris, right?

Brunhilde2010.03.17 - 05:51AM1: Now that's not FairSigned
Lol and yay for Liz and the Brig! I love the idea of this series :D

Author's Response: Thanks - and yes, can\'t leave them out...sorry, Doris.

pippin2010.03.17 - 05:48AM1: Now that's not FairSigned
LOL! that was Liz? sounded like it could have been an older Donna if I didn't know better. Liz and Donna were two of a kind.

Author's Response: They were a bit alike, weren\'t they? Maybe they\'re distant relatives, lol... ;-)

Persiflage2010.03.17 - 02:04AM1: Now that's not FairSigned
ROFL!! Oh yes, she would shut the door in his face!

Author's Response: And not even feel badly about it.

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