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Nancy Brown2011.03.16 - 09:49PM1: P.S. Happy ChristmasSigned
I loved how you explained her transition from Tom to Mickey, in a delightfully time-muddled way.

Author's Response: Heh. That Tom to Mickey thing just BUGGED me so much. I HAD to do something about it. Thanks for reading!

PJpurple2011.03.16 - 01:02PM1: P.S. Happy ChristmasSigned
(made a typo, btw: I meant to say *it's just not cricket...sorry about that*) lol

Author's Response: S\'kay. I frequently make typos.

PJpurple2011.03.15 - 07:53PM1: P.S. Happy ChristmasSigned
What a charming story to wind down the evening with; thx for sharing with us.
And, yes, imho, I think it's against one of the laws of time to lie about pie or dessert of any sort--or just not cricket! :D (btw, what are plot bunnies)?

Author's Response: It is especially against the laws of time to lie about such a thing *in order to gain one*. Fairly sure Entropy would have something to say about it. ^_^ Plot bunnies are basically ideas. Just slightly more vicious than normal ideas.e Thanks for reading!

Library_Lover2011.03.14 - 02:06AM1: P.S. Happy ChristmasSigned
Here via Calufrax. This was cute, and very fun!

Author's Response: Thank you!

ebbyzone2010.03.21 - 05:40AM1: P.S. Happy ChristmasSigned
Loved this! And I had to laugh at the mention of the Doctor going into her knickers' drawer.

Too funny!

Author's Response: Hee. Thanks!

kerriangel2010.01.31 - 03:16AM1: P.S. Happy ChristmasSigned
lol at the last bit.

loved the line about jack having every ones mobile number.

holy crap. just had massive plot bunny attack.

Author's Response: Thank you! Oh, do tell me about your plotbunnies. Last week I had an attack of the dive-bombing sort.

Bobsyeruncle2010.01.29 - 01:28AM1: P.S. Happy ChristmasSigned
"Flirted outrageously with Captain Jack, and more sincerely with Mickey Smith, who- oh. "

"Oh" indeed. Looks like Martha is growing up and out of love with the Doctor and in love with Mickey here-- I think? That line was cute, especially the implied hotness of Mickey scribbling his phone number on Martha's arm. Very hot.

Author's Response: Thank you. I figured I could deal with my issues with the \"Martha is marrying Tom\" until \"Martha is married to Mickey\" thing. . .because I love Martha/Mickey, but it just came out of nowhere. I wanted it to come out of somewhere. So I created a somewhere for it to come out of. *nods* Thanks for reading!

Persiflage2010.01.29 - 12:43AM1: P.S. Happy ChristmasSigned
Sneaky of the Doctor...

Author's Response: Mm. Bit sneaky of Martha, too. *grin* Thanks for reading!

Pitry2010.01.28 - 02:45PM1: P.S. Happy ChristmasSigned
Haha, so sweet!

... And so Doctor. Why does Martha put up with him, I wonder...

Author's Response: Because she\'s in love with him? Thanks for reading!

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