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HighlyUnlikely2011.06.14 - 08:44AM23: CodaSigned
No, no I can't think of anything in particular. I was just being hopeful! I'll stop stalking this story now. :D But thank you for writing it! I wish this had been the resolution to Donna's story on the show. I love Russell T. Davies, but I hated the way he ended Donna's story. :(

HighlyUnlikely2011.06.14 - 12:37AM23: CodaSigned
Oh! I just read the "No" beside finished. So, there's going to be more???

*waiting with happiness*

Author's Response: Oh, dear, I must confess that to be an oversight on my part. Unless you can think of anything you feel should be added...?

HighlyUnlikely2011.06.13 - 07:39PM23: CodaSigned
So lovely. All of it. You have such a natural, gentle, perfect way of writing your characters. PLEASE continue either this story or simply to write more stories. VERY. WELL. DONE. I got no housework done. I lost track of time. Just from reading this gorgeous story. :)

MrsTen2011.06.12 - 07:02PM16: Part II Chapter 5Signed
Lovely story! I never imagined Donna as an artist, though! Great work! Keep on writing! :D

HighlyUnlikely2011.06.11 - 03:06PM14: Part II Chapter 3Signed
This story makes me so happy I could cry. Please keep writing it!

canterlevi2010.03.23 - 06:23PM1: Part I Chapter 1Signed
Hi! It's me again gushing love all over this Fix-It story. I really enjoyed the peaceful way Donna resolved her metacrisis. The way she knew he was standing there as she fiinished his name was absolutely beautiful. The way you portray the relationship between these two soulmates is just gorgeous.


Is there going to be more to this particular fic?

carlvs2010.01.22 - 09:23PM11: Part I Chapter 11Signed
OMG - this is GOOD! No, let me rephrase that - this is "Operation Awsome" good!

(I hope you familiar with that fan-fic; otherwise you may want to look it up and see why being compared to it is such a compliment...)

This is probaly the best "Donna fixes herself" story that I've had the pleasure to come across. I just hope you're not planning any "surprises" (like this was all a dream, or having Ms Noble die because of what she done...)

Author's Response: I have to admit that I\'m not familiar with that fic, but I would love the details so I can read it. And I really appreciate the compliment. I promise this isn\'t a dream or anything, although I am planning a follow-up companion piece where we see some of the events of this story through the Doctor\'s eyes.

NZ_Doctor2010.01.22 - 05:34PM11: Part I Chapter 11Signed
Such a lovely tie up, very well crafted. :)

Spring2010.01.22 - 11:12AM11: Part I Chapter 11Signed
Sometimes I don't like tidy happy endings. I did like this one though. One of the more satisfying fixits I've read. I feel happier having read it. Thank you so much for sharing.

mythsandwhispers2010.01.22 - 08:32AM1: Part I Chapter 1Signed
I just read all 11 chapters in one go, and I just want to say thank you. This is such a beautifully written and touching story, and an imaginative solution to the metacrisis.

DWIndy2010.01.22 - 07:01AM11: Part I Chapter 11Signed
I don't know if this was the final chapter, but if it is, it's a wonderful way to end the story.

Fantastic job! Thank you very much!

Old Lady2010.01.21 - 09:20AM1: Part I Chapter 1Signed
I am absolutely LOVING this! It's well-crafted and definitely gets me to log on to see the next installment.

et cetera2010.01.21 - 06:55AM8: Part I Chapter 8Signed
Wow this is really good! Looking forward to the next part :)

lemongirl2010.01.20 - 09:51PM7: Part I Chapter 7Signed
This is amazing! I hope you don't get discouraged by the lack of reviews, it has nothing to do with your talent. I'm really looking forward to reading more of this - because you KNOW Donna won't be content to leave memories forgotten like that! And she definitely deserves to remember. Thank you for sharing this!

NZ_Doctor2010.01.20 - 12:12AM6: Part I Chapter 6Signed

I never liked Sylvia.

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