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JJPOR2011.11.05 - 12:39PM1: Moments, Arbitrarily GiftedSigned
I'd second vvj5's sentiments below, by the way, which is why I've recced this on Calufrax:



JJPOR2009.11.29 - 11:20AM1: Moments, Arbitrarily GiftedSigned
As I said when I commented on this on your lj, I think this is just marvellous; two of the best-drawn supporting characters in Who (even if one of them is also the villain - and even then, Four's actions seem a bit cruel to the viewer, in spite of everything she has been responsible for). So it's great to see fic about them, and especially such nicely-written fic. Really nice stuff.

vvj52009.11.29 - 10:04AM1: Moments, Arbitrarily GiftedSigned
It's always good to see things with interesting supporting characters - and especially Prf Rumford who is wonderful. And Stones is very femslashy, isn't it? I enjoyed this (although slash of any sort is not my usual cup of tea - but this is very in keeping). It's really well written - and should have had more reviews!!

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