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ninewood2011.08.24 - 12:19AM7: Page 36Signed
Whoosh! Ianto hugs Jack. Love it!

pipkinsweetgrass2011.05.12 - 12:14PM1: Page 30Signed
How the hell did I miss this? Another brilliant eppie!

AnnieO2011.03.22 - 08:10PM10: Page 39Signed
Oh you snuck it in and I didn't catch it till now....*tosses hot yummy cookies* want more please.

Author's Response: We\'re working on it!

brstor2011.02.07 - 02:32AM10: Page 39Signed
Poor Bob...Please keep this series up it is my favorite on this site and how wonderful the animation is, some great work.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoy! Thanks so much!

Miss Snazzy2010.10.14 - 04:04AM10: Page 39Signed
Awww. Poor Bob. Rose almost got sucked into the void like in Doomsday. I love that Bob was the one to save her. Little Ianto clinging to Jack...so cute. I can't wait for the next installment! You're amazing. =)

Author's Response: I can\'t wait either ;)

Bobsyeruncle2010.07.28 - 11:46AM1: Page 30Signed
We miss you. Come back soon.

Author's Response: We will do our best!

Omey2010.05.06 - 02:06PM10: Page 39Signed
This is brilliant! you certainly made my day after revision. Thank you!

Author's Response: Glad we could be of service!

Yamx2010.04.30 - 02:02PM10: Page 39Signed
I love this series!

Poor Bob! *sniff*

I really hope we get to see Nine finding the little ones... *g*

Thank you for continuing this awesome series!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!

perception_filter2010.04.02 - 02:17PM10: Page 39Signed
No idea why I never got to this earlier but so glad I did - its beyond brilliant. When can we haz more?

Author's Response: We\'re working on it! We\'ve had some real-life stuff come up so things have slowed down, but we ARE still continuing it.

kerriangel2010.04.01 - 10:27AM10: Page 39Signed
dudette as awesome as this is, you are missing one very very very important thing here.


Author's Response: I cannot tell you :)

Lilac Flowers2010.03.17 - 10:29PM3: Page 32Signed
No!! Seven's Umbrella!!!!

Author's Response: :)

Earthwatcher2010.01.31 - 10:04AM1: Page 30Signed
This is wonderful! And quite frankly a god damn public service! Thankyou for carrying on with this! Please can we have more soon? I'll bake you both a whole tray of triple chocolate cookies...

Author's Response: We\'ll do our best to be prompt with the next part, but jigglykat is in the process of moving and changing jobs so that may eat up all of her time for a little bit :)

kerriangel2009.10.25 - 01:05PM4: Page 33Signed
lol at gwen after Rose bopped owen on the head. "Knew it wouldn't last"

Author's Response: Gwen is very very wise ;)

kerriangel2009.10.25 - 01:04PM7: Page 36Signed
weel, he let them run off andf get satan killed and create big portal deathy thing-y. I would take good care of them all.....

Author's Response: lol. Ok. So 9 is a horrible nanny ;)

kerriangel2009.10.22 - 10:28AM7: Page 36Signed
I'll take baby Martha and Tosh too! then I'll have the children raised well.

kerri: C'mon you three!"
M,T,I: Yay!!!
I: Wat bout jack? *pouts*
Kerri: Oh Jack... I got mac and cheese...

Author's Response: Whaaat? You think Nine isn\'t doing a good job?

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