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Reviews For Afternoon Off

IrishVampire132015.10.12 - 09:39PM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceAnonymous
Smart move, Peri! Jamie's cute! ^.^ So was the fic. :D

aralias2010.02.07 - 04:59PM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
awh - jamie's so lovely! and perfectly reasonable, although i don't know whether chocolate cake would really help to keep him going in the war, but he'd know better than me. excellent stuff.

Author's Response: I\'m sure he\'d have welcomed chocolate cake while serving with Prince Charlie\'s army, if he\'d had the opportunity to get his hands on any.

ninewood2009.12.12 - 04:33PM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
Ah, now I understand why Jamie kissed Peri at the end of the Two Doctors! :) Very good!

HADouglas2009.10.24 - 05:03PM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
Cute: a real feeling of Interlude, too. Giant hedgehogs? Gotta have more on that, surely... not to mention the cake thing!

Author's Response: Everything\'s better with giant hedgehogs.

Library_Lover2009.10.22 - 04:10AM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
This is great! I liked the insight into Jamie's past. It's proof that good cakefic doesn't have to include nudity or the Doctor!

JJPOR2009.10.21 - 02:30PM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
A worthy addition to the runaway cake juggernaut! More seriously, I liked this very much; Jamie in particular was spot on, I thought, in his attitude, his referring to his past, and most especially in his reaction to Peri kissing him. And he's completely right about Peri, by the way... ;D

vvj52009.10.21 - 12:51PM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
Heh, cute! Oh, that Random Generator. And the virulence of the whole cake thing... Now look, it's spread out beyond the Doctor(s)!

ClocketPatch2009.10.21 - 12:00AM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
What a travesty against the established bounds of cake!fic; HERETIC!!

No, really though, this is a lovely snippet. I like how you've called to light Jamie's past, something that often gets forgotten. And Peri at the end, proving that she is far smarter than she let's on.

ann_blue2009.10.20 - 10:47PM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
Oh, you are just having too much fun with this plot bunny of yours. ;) And I congratulate you for it.

Sweet... vibrant... and yet promising for more. Well done!

Magnus Greel2009.10.20 - 06:59PM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
Mice little bit of Peri/Jamie, a combo I've always wanted to see a bit more of.... You've come dangerously close to the phenom that is Cakefic by the way. A strange group I'm part of has been posting on Teaspoon (for some reason) Third/Tenth Doctor stories involving the latter naked with cake all over him. When the absurdity managed to reach a certain level, I of course jumped right on the bandwagon.

Bobsyeruncle2009.10.20 - 06:58PM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
Jamie likes a bit of junk in the trunk does he? He was always my kind guy. Brava Peri, that's one for all of us. Loved it.

Author's Response: I thought, given the time and place Jamie comes from, he\'d have 18th-century opinions on female beauty.

Ree9232009.10.20 - 06:48PM1: We Shall Pass This Way But OnceSigned
woo - loved it!

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