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Reviews For Time After Time

YoureInTown2016.09.10 - 10:45AM12: Chapter 11Signed
Ow!!! You skipped a chapter!!! There's supposed to be one in between this one and the previous one!
Snif! Now I have to read it on LJ... :(
And I enjoyed it here. The lines are much wider...

Author's Response: You are absolutely right, and I'm sorry (so sorry!) but I have now remedied it and the whole fic is here.

Rach2009.10.26 - 04:29PM1: PrologueSigned
I just wanted to tell you I've been thoroughly enjoying this whole story. It is an intriguing idea that's keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Eclectic Muse2009.10.23 - 09:53PM1: PrologueSigned
You've got me hooked! I honestly love stories where modern companions somehow manage to see the Doctor's life through their own eyes, so of course I love this. And I'm curious to see how the mystery of Donna pans out! I hate begging for writers to OMG POST MOAR NOW PLZ but let's just say I eagerly anticipate each new update. :) Well done!

Innogen2009.10.20 - 12:34AM2: Chapter 1Signed
Curiouser and curiouser. I must admist that you have me quite hooked. You seem to have an original concept gonig on here, and I applaud that. Please continue - and if you start to meander into blah-ing, I will let you know for the rewrite! ::grin:: (I just wanted to let you know I wasn't giving you empty praise, all right?) ~Innogen

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