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Reviews For Nightmares

edzel22010.09.05 - 03:07PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh, I also forgot to say that I have several Donna meets the Master WIPs myself, but there doesn't seem to be too much of that out there and I'd really like to read some to keep me going whilst I finish my own, lol!

edzel22010.09.05 - 03:04PM8: Chapter 8Signed
I read this story from start to finish this morning on my iPhone (eyes still haven't recovered, lol) and wrote a long review... which I lost thanks to the fiddly screen and clumsy fingers! So here I am again to say that I really, really love this story! Donna is my most favourite companion ever, she's delicious to write and I thought you got the characterisations spot on. I'm a sucker for hurt/comfort and Donna, despite (or perhaps because of) her somewhat abrasive nature makes for a different dynamic than the other companions (who I also like, but Donna is Nr 1 in my books)...

I notice that in your intro you said if anyone had any requests... well I have one! I love Donna, and the Master is the reason I got back into active fandom following TSOD/LOTTL. I'm a huge fan of John Simm (going to see him in Hamlet in early October - on my birthday, no less!) and love his portrayal of the Master SO much. So my request is (and I hope I'm not being too specific here!) for something that includes the following, if at all possible: Tenth Doctor and Donna, with Donna (who somehow has recovered her memories and survived - perhaps this could form part of the story?) meeting HoodySimmMaster as he was in TEOT (would probably have to be post-TEOT), -or at least he's still suffering in some way- and ensuing hurt/comfort scenes between them. And some verbal sparring at some point because I so wanted to see this happen in TEOT (I was fixated for months on the report of Donna and the Master filming a scene together in the alleyway behind Donna's home which was reported on the DW forum, and came up with all sorts of scenarios in my head which alas never came to be - I can understand why, but oh, what a missed opportunity!) and was very sad when it didn't, although I love TEOT as it is, too.

I don't know if you ship Doctor/Master (I can tell you DO ship Doctor/Donna, lol) but if you can factor in some of that as well (in whatever way you see fit - doesn't have to be explicit although that would be very welcome!) then that would be fantastic... always assuming that you're still writing DW fic of course, as most of the entries here seem to be at least a year old. Perhaps you've moved on... but I had to ask, just in case!

Anyway, request fic or no, I want to say thank you for your terrific fic; it made my day!


GamineMadcap2009.08.21 - 08:14PM8: Chapter 8Signed
Nice little AU you've got here. I love the TARDIS stopping all of the bad things that happened...and at the cost of a bit of Doctor-whump! Keep up the great work!

unslinky2009.08.21 - 12:25PM4: Chapter 4Signed
This is excellent. Love the way he's reverting through previous regenerations. Poor Donna! Hope he's up and about soon though.

Author's Response: Thank you! And I suggest you read Daydreams for the sequel.

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