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shiny silver grl2013.01.18 - 05:36PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I'm with ShadowedHand...still reading, still wishing for more someday! Love this series.

Author's Response: I still have hope, you should too!

ShadowedHand2011.09.20 - 05:23PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Hi again. Still hoping for an update, if you've a mind. One of my absolute favorite Nines, but Rose is still stuck somewhere being here and there. :( Hope to hear from you soon. :)

Author's Response: It\'s...a work in progress :(

ShadowedHand2010.03.23 - 10:29PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Still love this story. Have you run out of inspiration? Or got stuck in the mud somewhere? :) It happens. Still in my favorites, hoping for a sequel.

Author's Response: I do still hope to get this finished someday, it\'s just been...hard. :(

Stormwolf2010.03.21 - 10:09AM2: Chapter 2Signed
So, is this fic dead now? A terrible shame. One of my favorites. Not enough Nine out there anymore. This is why I try not to read incomplete fics, but this one sucked me in. How disappointing! Thanks for all you've done, anyway.

Author's Response: Officially, no, not dead...but on indefinite hiatus. My life\'s been pretty chaotic for a while now and writing just hasn\'t been a priority :(

LadyLecter2009.12.11 - 04:21PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Well it's been almost 6 months, I think we're all due for another episode in the series. Got to tell you, one of my favorite parallel-verse fics. Hope that we get to see a new one soon. Just re-read them all again. =)

Author's Response: I know, I know :( my muse has been so terribly, terribly dead lately. I will try to get the next Tardisode done in the next couple weeks, and I\'ve already got most of The Impossible Planet planned out!

Silverwood2009.09.01 - 03:05PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This series is so impressive. I've just read all of it this evening when I ought to being doing a hundred other things, all forgotten. I didn't watch series 2 until months later such was my upset at Nine's departure but this is written so well, it's like he never left.

Author's Response: Awww, thanks! I admit that I watched the whole series in a huge rush and at first I was in a hurry to see Ten (because he was in all the graphics I always came across) but once I\'d seen a few episodes, I realized how much I missed Nine!

time_lady2009.08.22 - 03:28AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Eeeeeeeeeeeep! Awwwwwww! In the original I SO felt that Tommy should've joined. And now he gets to, in a parallel fic-verse! Yay! Great ending to the series.

Author's Response: Hee, yay! It was about time that they added a second companion, since Mickey never joined up here...

Alies2009.08.16 - 08:32AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Oh! Tommy joining up is just brilliant!
Loved it. Love how you make the stories unpredictable by changing a lot of things. Love it.
Hope you'll write more soon =D

Author's Response: Thanks! I try to change as much as I can without changing the heart of the story...hehe. Glad you like it :)

ERNest2009.07.29 - 06:03PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Thank you so much for this! Everything about this redo was so great. I think that you gave Mr. Magpie a 'better' death this way. And he's taking Tommy along, too. This series can only get better with that little twist.

Author's Response: I kinda felt like the \'real\' ending was very...anti-climactic. I wanted a little more drama :-D And yes, Tommy! Whoo!

lemongirl2009.07.07 - 08:32AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Ahh! I had no idea this chapter was up! Somehow I missed the e-mail that should have alerted me! Mm, changing things up I see. Tommy would make a good companion - and he asked when they go! Everywhen, of course. I'm looking forward to the next story, when you get around to it!

Author's Response: Everywhen exactly! The next story is...in progress. Finally have a new computer, which will hopefully do away with some of those pesky delays...

ShadowedHand2009.07.05 - 05:31AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Ahhhhhh!!! I mean, ahhhhhhhh! Sure, Tommy, fun, but, Rose? I hope you don't leave her like that long. :(

Author's Response: Heeee. *halo* I\'m glad you liked it!

ShadowedHand2009.06.23 - 04:20AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Woohoo! On to more good stuff. You do write them well. :)

Author's Response: Yaay! Thanks :)

lemongirl2009.05.25 - 08:10AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I'm glad to see another part of this story -- I'd thought that maybe you'd forgotten about it or lost interest! I think my favorite line was "You can't leave a sentence unfinished, Rose. A little foreshadowing to Doomsday?? Or maybe just a reference? Or I could be reading WAY too much into that line. Aaand, "Doctor Tyler" is NOT going to be happy when Rose loses her face.

Author's Response: Nope, not forgotten - just going a bit slow these days. I\'m glad you liked it!

FYF2009.05.25 - 07:37AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Yay! I'm glad that you finally update this series. Been waiting for it ;) O_o Looks like The Doctor & Rose have moved further in their relationship. Great start. Can't wait for the next part ;D

Author's Response: Hehehe, yes, yes they have :) Thank you!

Cailetls2009.05.24 - 11:30PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Great to see that you're still working on this! I'm enjoying it.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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