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daleksigma2015.03.18 - 08:51PM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
This is utterly brilliant. Here I thought this was going to be an enjoyable little story of an old Time Lord going on and on about regeneration, and then suddenly - boom - he was actually doing it to freak out the guard.

I love all the different regeneration problems you came up with, and sincerely hope that we never see the Doctor regenerate his guts outside his body.

Just an overall great story.

vvj52014.03.29 - 03:13AM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
Oh, this is excellent and very unusual (and I'm sorry it took years to come back... I suppose it's in keeping with the fandom). Very good!!

JaneTurenne2011.01.06 - 10:01AM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
This is fabulous! Very great fun, wonderfully written, and completely believable.

Saun2010.05.02 - 07:42PM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
This is great! I like to imagine a darker edge to the 9th Dr. talking about 2 heads or no head at all. Regeneration in a dogey process indeed. Excellent fanfic! I was immediately immersed because of your finely drawn character. Wonderful read. Thank you:-)

Author's Response: Thank YOU for such a lovely compliment!

Philosophercat2010.01.11 - 08:47AM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
I recomended this one on Calufrax but forgot to review it here! I must have been nodding. ;) I really enjoyed the physician's diversion both for its cleverness and how interesting various regeneration problems can be.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, and much thanks for the rec! Regeneration stories got me hooked on Doctor Who in the first place. Endless possibilities there. I\'m glad you liked it!

Library_Lover2009.11.21 - 02:55PM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
Here from Calufrax. I liked the list of things that can go wrong with regeneration. Even though the Lord Physician was mainly trying to gross out the guard to get the jump on him, I have a feeling that he wasn't exaggerating, just talking about the most extreme cases he could remember.

Author's Response: Pretty much! ;) Thanks for commenting, and I\'m glad you enjoyed it.

Singe2009.06.27 - 11:12PM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
Beautiful. I loved the old Physician and his medi-babble with a passion. Thanks!

Author's Response: You\'re welcome! And thanks for commenting!

mary_pseud2009.04.25 - 06:35PM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
Delightful, with a wonderful OC whose bedside manner is enough to curl the toes. I always thought a Time Lord's most deadly weapon was his mouth...

Author's Response: Based on the evidence, I\'d have to agree! ;) Thanks for commenting.

Erya2009.04.24 - 08:43AM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
I love this enormously.

The tone here is pitch *perfect* and I can see and (particularly!) *hear* everything that's going on.

You've got the Lord Physician's voice down so wonderfully. He's beautifully Time Lord-ish - clever, cultured, sneaky and pedantic - and I've still got his refined tones ringing in my head. :D

So very well developed. *bows before you*

I think I'm a bit in love.

*wishes this was canon, dammit*

(Also, I want more Lord Physician!fic. Really. You've got me hooked and I felt thoroughly sad when he died. *gives you pleading gaze for more* *retreats into daydreams featuring the Lord Physician and Three travelling together*)

But, yes. So much awesome. :) *favourites and re-reads eagerly*

Author's Response: Thank you for such lovely feedback! ...And for the sudden plot-bunnyish images of the Lord Physician on board the Doctor\'s TARDIS! Oh, what might have been!

AceArcalian2009.04.22 - 10:23AM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
Oh, so it was a cunning plan! Here I was thinking the Lord Physician simply had a sucky bedside manner.

The only thing is I think the Time Lords intended to dump the Doctor on Earth anyway. Of course, if they hadn't, they may simply have decided to make the best of a bad situation and made sure by remotely manipulating the Doctor's biocode that he wouldn't be able to remember the crucial calculations. Farking iceholes.

Author's Response: Yes, fark those farking icehole Time Lords!

vvj52009.04.21 - 01:12PM1: A Discourse on the Medical Risks of RegenerationSigned
Less a review and rather an 'I think your story's fallen prey to the weird formatting thing that happens sometimes'. (I found the only way was to copy the whole story back in again when it did it to me.)

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know. HTML loves to screw with me. I shall attempt forthwith to fix it.

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