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jedi_penguin2008.03.25 - 12:34PM1: PrologueSigned
A pastiche of one of my all-time favorite movies, a beloved but underwritten TARDIS team, and Iris as a bonus... Hurray! I loved how you incorporated elements of "What's Up Doc" and yet kept the characters very true to themselves. Excellent job.

padawanpooh2006.02.16 - 09:33AM6: 6. EpilogueSigned
6/Evelyn! (Always shows 6 in a much better light than the TV eps did IMHO)


The Master!


A lovely, well paced, well structured and true to character story.

Loved the way Iris and Evelyn's friendship developed over the story too.

cmc422005.12.12 - 09:58AM6: 6. EpilogueSigned
Great story - I know a few people who don't like Iris but she's always good for a fanfic. :D

ponygirl2005.07.25 - 07:11AM6: 6. EpilogueAnonymous
I really enjoyed this, Gary! What a wonderful choice of characters. But, WHAT WAS IN THE DOCTOR'S BAG? I guess you'll just have to write another Six/Evelyn fic to let us know. ::grins::

ponygirl2005.07.22 - 05:25PM5: 5. Skeletons and PiecesAnonymous
Well, Gary, I think it can safely be said that the Master has never before been foiled in *quite* that way. ::picks self up off of floor:: Looking forward to the conclusion!

Samantha Wilkinson2005.07.22 - 04:34PM5: 5. Skeletons and PiecesSigned
Evelyn & Iris vs. The Doctor is all kinds of right. I've enjoyed the bickering and eventual reconciliation of Iris and Evelyn, and I also like the implication that the Doctor and Evelyn have a soft spot for each other. Thanks for this fun little story.

ponygirl2005.07.18 - 05:40PM4: 4. Mind GamesAnonymous
Aargh! Not going to keep us hanging long, I hope? Welcome back, by the way...

warinbabylon2005.06.29 - 07:03PM2: 2. Changing TimesSigned
Excellent, Gary! Am looking forward to more. Love the characters!

ponygirl2005.06.29 - 05:17PM2: 2. Changing TimesAnonymous
Ha-ha! This is going to be so much fun... hope your muse is working hard on inspiration for the next part! In case I didn't say it earlier, this is an inspired choice of characters, btw.

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying reading this as much as I'm enjoying writing it. But this is probably the last you'll see for a couple of weeks while I take a much needed holiday. I shall return.

ponygirl2005.06.28 - 08:12AM1: PrologueAnonymous
Ooo... I'm intrigued! Iris and Evelyn- the mind boggles. More, please?

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