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Lilac Flowers2010.01.12 - 11:40AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Where did ya get the picture of Nine in a tuxedo?

Cause that was really cool.

Author's Response: It\'s just a picture from (I think?) a benefit that Christopher Eccleston went to.

Alies2009.08.16 - 07:24AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Loved it ^_^
i should rewatch the actual episodes, since I skipped it for having already seen it the last time. I'm missing some details I guess...

Author's Response: Who needs the episodes when you have my stories? ;) ;)

time_lady2009.08.16 - 01:36AM2: Chapter 2Signed
You're AMERICAN??? Well, greetings from a fellow USA-er!

Author's Response: It\'s that shocking? WHOO! I\'m sure the Brits can tell, but if I fool my country(wo)men, that\'s enough for me ;)

genrou2009.02.24 - 02:12PM2: Chapter 2Signed
hmmmm, so jackie and ricky do get to survive in this universe. i wonder if they come back.

Author's Response: That\'s the question ain\'t it? :-D

ShadowedHand2009.02.17 - 02:43PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Very good, as usual. Thought I'd reviewed this already. Silly me, bad at that. Anyway, love this story and hope you continue it soon. I'm especially fond of all these tantalizing hints--the Skasis Paradigm headache Rose had and just now with the bloody slash on her dress-- and hope they will lead to most interesting conclusions. :) I check on this often and have read through it a few times now. Hope you have time for more. :) SH

Author's Response: Hee, wow, it stands up to re-readings? Yay! Thanks so much :)

Settiai2009.02.11 - 08:32PM2: Chapter 2Signed
If you haven't noticed by the dozen or so review notifications you've received today, I've been slowly making my way through this series. I'm really enjoying it so far, and I can't wait to see where you end up going with it. It's really interesting to see the small changes that you're making blowing up into larger and larger ones, and - unless I'm completely imagining them - I think that I'm seeing a few hints of foreshadowing that definitely have me wondering where you're going to end up going with this series by the time it's all said and done.

As for this particular installment, it was just as brilliant as all of the others. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m touched that you went through all of them in one sitting! I\'ve tried to be rather subtle in my hints, though maybe not subtle enough :-D I\'m glad you\'re enjoying!

lemongirl2009.01.28 - 06:28PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Hope you don't mind me waiting to review until both chapters were up -- still here, still enjoying it! And it's definitely sweet, the Jackie/Pete relationship. Except now "our" Jackie is sort of going to be without a Pete. Unless they fall into ANOTHER parallel universe. But you just killed poor Mrs. Moore/Angela Price again! To be honest I've always rather like her character, but I guess it was necessary for the zeppelin with Jackie on it to have significance.

I must say, I was surprised when you told me you live in Florida (greetings from a fellow American!), because you either have a very good Brit-speak beta or are just very good at picking British sounding words and phrases! I really thought you must live in England, from how well you write in British-English. I think you even spell the British way in this series (ie, colour instead of color). Anyway, enough rambling! I'm looking forward to the next installment -- after the Tardisode, it's The Idiot's Lantern, right?


Author's Response: Yep, Tardisode and then Idiot\'s Lantern (which is gonna be so hard to do because it\'s my absolute favorite episode of S2). I\'m so glad that my Britspeak is good though, I\'m obsessive about accuracy (and yes British spelling) so that\'s very nice to hear! I keep thinking about getting a Britpicker but I haven\'t gotten around to it, heh. Thank you, I\'m glad you liked it!

Patsy2009.01.28 - 02:47PM2: Chapter 2Signed
I am always excited to see a story or a chapter of a story by you. I love this 'Verse. Can't wait for the next story.

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

invisigothds2009.01.28 - 01:40AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Yeah for the update! But Rose, the Doc kissed your waist, and you want to go to sleep? Yeah, I know you saved a parallel world and everything, but how can you resist Nine in a Tux? Great Fun! I'm glad Alt!Jackie lived and saved the day.

Author's Response: She would have been all about it...but really, they\'d been awake for a long time at this point! And it\'d be stressful! Besides, she has Nine all the time, she could dress him up in a tux again later if she wanted ;) Glad you liked it though :-D

ILiveInTheTARDIS2009.01.28 - 12:09AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Love it

Author's Response: Thanks!

FYF2009.01.27 - 11:40PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I'm glad that all ends up well. Waiting for the next Tardisode. Btw, if Alt!Jackie is alive, then what about the Doomsday?

Author's Response: Well, that\'s an interesting question, isn\'t it? ;) It\'s planned m\'dear, it\'s planned.

ShadowedHand2009.01.27 - 03:34AM1: Chapter 1Signed
:( I don't like Rose and the Doctor fighting; they're acting completely childish. I hope they sort things out. Good writing, as always. :)

Author's Response: Aww, they\'ll work it out! Otherwise this would be a REALLY REALLY AU series...

FYF2009.01.27 - 02:18AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Next, please!

Author's Response: It\'s already up at my fic journal (corufic.livejournal.com) but teaspoon hasn\'t approved it yet *siiiigh*

TardisGirl0072009.01.26 - 04:46PM1: Chapter 1Signed
As this series progresses, I begin to love it more and more. You capture the characters brilliantly and your writing is fantastic. Keep it up and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you! :-D

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