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Reviews For Breeding Starlings

GM_Andy2009.03.05 - 11:56AM1: Breeding StarlingsSigned
I think 7 is one of my best loved Doctors. Everyone is so down on his being a manipulator, but like 2 (and 1 even), he's so good at it. And unlike the others he's playing the game with a full hand and has an Ace hidden up his sleeve too.
Really, the Doctor in all his forms is a bit of 'do it my way while thinking it's your way' sort of man. And if it hurts you he'll tell you later it was for your own good. Even 10 has a go at it, with Martha and taking her to New, New Earth. He knew she was falling in love with him, and he used that against the Master in the end.
Ace took it, and learned, and became a Defender of the Earth. Martha took it and realized she couldn't do what he was asking of her and forgive him later.
Sometimes it's too easy to forget that he's alien and that he sees the bigger picture. Always. Time flows through him and companions come along for the ride for a spell...
I guess though what I mean to say is that 7 is not so unique, but for the fact that he needed to prove that Ace was more than a 'human', that indeed she was special and that she was brilliant, and that Time Lords didn't know everything... She was his vindication. Even if it pissed her off.

Nice piece. Made me think a lot. Always good, that. :-D

eve112009.01.27 - 10:42PM1: Breeding StarlingsSigned
Oh, that was just brilliant. Seven really is too smart for his own good, sometimes. I want to be furious with him in this story and I can almost do it, but not quite.

Settiai2009.01.12 - 01:28PM1: Breeding StarlingsSigned
This was a brilliant look inside of Seven's head.

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